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144 m
86 m
106,54 km

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біля Peredmistna Slobidka, Kyiv City (Ukraine)

A ride across both rugged terrain and away from the highways:
- meadows between Bortnyči and Vyceńky villages;
- then a concrete road along the lower dam with some uncomfortable pits in it;
- a perfectly smooth upper dam to the village Kyjliv;
- then to Vorońkiv village along not new but a very good road;
- after Vorońkiv straight into the dust road between the fields towards Boryspil airport;
- poor roads in and from Zatyšne village, yet Martusivka is way better;
- a rather intense car flow on the highway towards Hora village, and the quality the sideways is far from perfect;
- cross M-03 in Hora and then quite a fast way towards the Darnyća forest.


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