A World to Explore

What We Stand For

We believe in a future where humanity spends more time enjoying and preserving the outdoors.

Our goal is to help people have better experiences in community before, during and after outdoor activities and to inspire and support the preservation of nature.

Our values


We advocate inclusiveness above elitism. We make clear, simple and useful tools for anyone who wants to enjoy nature.


Wikiloc's essence is every person involved, from the community to the team. We aim to honor trust.


Since 2006 we have remained loyal to our identity: an independent and thriving community made up of real people sharing authentic outdoor trails. The adventures of outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Nature Preservation

We focus our business success towards a healthy planet by inspiring good practices and implementing actions for nature conservation.


Jordi Ramot


Software Engineer specialized in the geospatial interoperability field. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

In 2006 I started to work on Wikiloc in my spare time and now we're a growing community of millions of outdoor enthusiasts sharing trails in 190+ countries.

On the personal side I'm a vegetarian and when not in the office I like to be in the outdoors trail running, back-country skiing or mountain biking.

Montserrat Jordi


I hold a Master's degree in Engineering Management, a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and I'm a certified Quality Auditor.

Before joining Wikiloc I was in charge to improve products, processes and costs as a Productivity Manager in the automotive sector and as an Industrial Manager in the industry sector. I enjoy working with teams, having goals and be creative solving challenges.

I like to ride a mountain bike and the snow sports, music and clay modelling.

Happy trails!

Jose Molina

Lead Engineer

Software engineer with a Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Girona.

Since 2005, my career has always been related to GPS, digital maps and its applications. Before joining Wikiloc, I was part of the Geographic Information Service and Remote Sensing (SIGTE) in the UdG, developing GeoWeb projects using open source technologies, spatial databases and OGC standards.

I've also developed GPS enabled mobile apps for feature phones, location-based services (LBS) and worked as a lecturer of Spatial Databases at the UNIGIS Master.

Wikiloc combines my passion for technology, cartography and enjoying nature discovering new places with my GPS.

Pau Dominkovics

Mobile Engineer

The first computer that came into my home was a x286 and since then I started to love programming so much that I always felt it was only a hobby. Maybe that's why I studied computer science as a second career.

With the arrival of smart-phones my fun multiplied with its possibilities. My first serious test was "Board Games" for Android & iOS and it was a surprising success.

Wikiloc allows me to combine this passion with another great passion, the outdoor activities. Being an user and a creator of the same product is a great pleasure and enriching.

Roger Tallada

Mobile Engineer

Software engineer with a Diploma in Computer Software from the Informatics University of Barcelona. I’m coming back to the software insustry after working as an illustrator for some years, I previously worked as an analyst / developer in a magazine publishing company.

With the appearance of the iPhone and the new wave of touch devices I became involved in software development again by working on personal projects. This allowed me to become familiar with the iOS development environment. I'm having a blast being a full time developer once more and working on apps aimed at users.

Another one of my passions is running, trail running in particular. Working at Wikiloc allows me to mix two of my favorite things, development and outdoor activities.

Ivan Bianchi

Platform Engineer

Software engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Girona

I'm a Software architecture and a Big-data enthusiast. I am captivated by the opportunities that these architectures can provide while I enjoy the journey of making them come true.

I also like to free my mind playing basketball or trail running while listening to my favourite music.

Computer science has become a passion and at Wikiloc I have the perfect place to overcome daily challenges and expanding my skills while working on a high impact platform for the community.

Kaixi Luo

Platform Engineer

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Girona. Since I was little, I've always had a passion for Computer Science.

I'm a big systems engineering nerd, having worked with Apache Mesos, Docker and OpenStack on various projects. Nowadays, I obsess over web performance and keeping everything running smoothly.

Wikiloc allows me to work with systems with large amounts of users and traffic where every little change has a big and immediate impact.

Jordi Casadevall

Platform Engineer

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Girona.

Computer science has fascinated me since I was young. This has led me to work on a wide range of projects of various topics that have expanded my horizons and knowledge.

From being part of a research group specialized in network management to working on several videogame projects, building solutions in a digital innovation consultancy and co-founding a startup.

Being part of the Wikiloc’s team gives me the opportunity to work on a successful project where my work arrives to a large community. At the same time, it allows me to continue learning, designing and exploring new technologies to improve my knowledge and professional career.

Marc Garcia

Wearables Engineer

Software engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Girona.

My interest for computers started with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K. I’ve been working on different areas related to development, system administration, and broadband networks.

Building products for wearables challenges me to solve complex problems and make them work nicely on limited resources. I’m always thinking about how to improve user experience and minimizing the use of battery, memory and bandwidth.

I feel lucky to be a member of the Wikiloc team and to blend my passions for the outdoors and technology.

Berta Nicolazzi


My professional career started in the Hospitality Industry. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and enjoyed very much working on Hotel Online Marketing & e-Commerce.

My five languages led me to be open-minded, empathic listener and enthusiastic communicator. I love new projects. Team spirit is the key to success.

I’m an outdoor and mountain passionate, a Pyrenees lover, and I strongly believe that Wikiloc has improved my life, adding quality to my leisure time. I feel now personally committed to share this community within the whole World.

Marc López

Platform Engineer

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from University of Girona.

Since I was little, I've always had a passion for Computer Science, my first steps on programming were with C++, nowdays I have worked with different technologies as fullstack developer, also I'm a big enthusiast with AI development and research.

I love going out with my mountain bike to explore new routes, so being part of Wikiloc allows me to improve the application and work with a big community that gives feedback on every change to the platform.

Jens Kristian

Data Engineer

I hold a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

It fascinates me that we can explore something as big as the surface of the earth from something so small as the screen of our smartphone, and I think GPS is one of the most mind-bending inventions ever made.

I'm a big enthusiast of being outdoors, in particular doing any kind of bicycling, hiking or climbing. Being part of the Wikiloc team lets me work with problems that interest me to help develop new features for a great community.

David Martínez

Mobile Engineer

Software engineer with a scientific heart. Pursuing my interests in ecological economics and sustainability, I graduated with a Master's degree in Sustainable Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

My legs are most happy when pedaling hard up a hill, but I also enjoy running once in a while. I feel at home in the mountains, be it on a bike saddle, hiking or skiing in the Pyrenees, or even challenging myself in a via ferrata!

Wikiloc has always been my go-to platform to search for new trails and bike routes. Working here allows me to combine my love for outdoor activities with my enthusiasm for software engineering but, most of all, it allows me to put my grain of sand for a healthier, happier and more sustainable future.


Manuel Roca

Happy entrepreneur in both personal and professional life. In the professional side I co-founded 13 years ago in which I'm the CEO of the company. I also co-founded with my wife a social crowd-funding project,, to help people under risk of being socially excluded with their basic needs.

But my biggest project is my BIG family with 7 children to whom I teach values like effort, perseverance, initiative, spirit of service that are so valuables for every aspect of life either personally or professionally although I learn much more from them.

Apart from that I'm a passionate of cycling, skiing and back-country skiing.

Mr. Roca is the sole investor in Wikiloc

Eduardo Coca

When I am not hiking, cycling or running in the mountains, I am a venture capital lawyer and advisor to Wikiloc. I have been involved with the team since the very early stages in 2008 and I am currently secretary to the board of directors.

After years of practice at international law firms in London and Madrid, I founded a niche legal practice dealing with venture capital and debt in relation to high growth companies. I work with many leading startups and emerging companies across Spain helping them strategically navigate pivotal corporate and financial moments, including seed and venture financing, acquisitions and other complex corporate transactions.

Check my full profile

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Wikiloc's history




    Apple chooses Wikiloc as App of the Day on the Apple Store May

    Winner of the Best Fitness APP by Garmin CIQ Awards 2018 for the Wikiloc app for Connect IQ March

    4.2M Registered Users, 10.4M Trails & 18M Pictures & Videos December



    Wikiloc launches a major App release with improved features and an all-new design! September 26th

    3.000.000 registered users August



    Wikiloc turns 10 years old! April 7th

    We keep growing fast and we're very excited with the cool products we're going to release very soon. And we're hiring!



    Already 4,000,000 trails worldwide with millions of waypoints with photos and videos taken along the routes. These trails are all shared by community members. Real and authentic trails shared by outdoor enthusiasts like you and us.

    Live Tracking and Offline Topographic Maps. We believe that Wikiloc Maps are a must have in the wild so we decided to offer them to you completely free! Get the App »



    Growing to 2,000,000 trails worldwide April

    3 million photos & videos taken along the trails February



    Award by the Spanish Geographic Society (SGE)

    Winner of the Internet Day contest. Sports category.

    Top App with inApp purchases on iTunes Navigation category (Spain) October

    Launch a much requested feature: Trail Companions September

    1,6 million unique visitors and 4,3 million trails downloaded in a year! August



    1 million trails! New Year's day

    Wikiloc for Android

    The initial hiking and cycling activities grow to 40 outdoor activities! April 2nd

    Wikiloc available in 20 languages Feb 20th

    First product for businesses The Geopromotion Pack Jan 10th



    Wikiloc for iPhone!

    Wikiloc grows to 5 employees!

    Wikiloc turns 5 years oldApril 7th

    Launch of the first Wikiloc Channel (Costa Brava) March 15th

    1.000.000 unique visitors per month March 18th

    300.000 Trails March 6th



    200.000 registered users December 29th

    Winner of the Living Labs Global Showcase. For the regions of Taipei (Taiwan) and Comarca de la Selva (Girona).

    200.000 Trails July 25th

    Winner of "Dynamism in services" by Cambra de Comerç de Sant Feliu de Guíxols4th June



    100.000 Trails Setember 29th

    Winner of the Geotourism Challenge by National Geographic and Ashoka Changemakers.

    100.000 registered users November 27th

    "100 PROTAGONISTAS DEL PAÍS" Jordi Ramot December
  • TEAM

    Montserrat Jordi (Co-Founder) officially joins Wikiloc



    Agreement with Google to show our trails as a default layer on Google Earth.

    WIKILOC OUTDOOR, SL. is founded.

    First 1.000.000 pageviews per month October



    Google Maps España gave Wikiloc an award for best mashup.

    Jordi Ramot creates Wikiloc April 7th
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Extra thanks

Thanks to the following people for contributing to the project in different ways

  • Toño García of ShakingBox for creating Wikiloc's logo
  • Chondo for creating the initial "Wikiloc to Facebook" gateway.
  • David Sopas for alerting us of a serious security bug in a Wikiloc server.
  • Taha Smily, who is a Security Researcher, for alerting us of a security bug in Wikiloc.
  • Utkarsh Agrawal, who is a Security Researcher, for alerting us of a security bug in Wikiloc.

Thanks to the following volunteers for translating Wikiloc to other languages

Thanks to the following people for sharing their knowledge and work on the Net

Wikiloc is a freemium service built with the following free software

And a very special thanks to the people behind our partnerships

  • The Google Maps and Google Earth teams for revolutionizing the concept of Internet Mapping and for believing in our community to enhance the outdoors in Google Earth with millions of trails.
  • GPSVisualizer The 'Swiss Army knife' to create maps and profiles from geographic data. Online since 2003 and maintained by Adam Schneider. Thanks for choosing Wikiloc as the site to store and share its trails.

Interested in what we do? Join us!

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