Sabine Kolken

Sabine Kolken


This account is for all our guests. We would like to share our beautiful neighbourhood with all of you. So when you are sleeping in our Bed and Breakfast or our Glampingtents you can ask us for our login. In this way you can enjoy our surroundings, by bike, by walking or how you like to travel and see our beautiful area...

учасник з квітня 2019

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  • Ponte da Mucela - Maladão

    23,09 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Ponte da Mucela, Coimbra (Portugal)

  • Paredes - Ponte da Mucela

    14,75 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Paredes, Coimbra (Portugal)

  • Fontão

    6,81 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Fontão, Coimbra (Portugal)

  • Sarzedo

    9,95 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Sarzedo, Coimbra (Portugal)

  • Quinta do Rio Alva - Secarias -QdRA

    4,89 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Fontão, Coimbra (Portugal)