My name is Eus Nieuwenhuizen (1959). I like it you're interested in my work. I am an enthusiastic photographer and photography is my passion. My preference is focused on nature and landscape photography. But also I don't avoid macro- and architecture. My camera makes sure that I am more aware of all the beauty around me and so I can enjoy fascinating subjects.
I prefer to search that subjects in impressive mountain landscapes. I like to travel with a preference to countries such as Scotland, Iceland and Scandinavia. But also Italy is one of my absolute favorites. It gives me a great satisfaction when I get home with photo material on which subjects truly come into their own and the atmosphere that I politely have. After a day of hiking and photographing, I like to look back, enjoying with a nice glass of wine.
I find it important to have rest in my subject and composition. In preparation I make great use of programs like The Photographers Ephemeris and Google Earth.
My photo equipment consists of an Olympus system camera. Recently I have my FF Nikon exchanged (pounds less weight during my walks!). I also make use of various lenses: macro and a huge wide angle (7 mm) to telephoto (300 mm).
The equipment is further complemented by a sturdy tripod and various filters, such as a polarized, grey gradient, and ND filters.
I am also active on Facebook and the photocommunities, 500px and 
Want to buy my work? No problem, you can buy my work at werk aan de muur
Questions or remarks? Feel free to contact me (look at my site).          

учасник з серпня 2011

  • Beekjesbos

    3,09 кілометри - Легко

    біля Ubbergen, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Old Men walk through woods and rocks

    6,16 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Borve, Scotland (United Kingdom)

  • Rondwandeling Koningsven

    20,77 кілометри - Легко

    біля Grafwegen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

  • Rondje Spiegelwaal

    11,39 кілометри - Легко

    біля Nijmegen, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Liendense Waard

    6,48 кілометри - Легко

    біля Batenburg, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Two Bridges

    5,86 кілометри - Легко

    біля Lent, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Hernen-Bergharen

    9,96 кілометри - Легко

    біля Hernen, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Wijchen-Leur

    6,7 кілометри - Легко

    біля Passerot, Gelderland (Nederland)

  • Nederrijk

    7,46 кілометри - Легко

    біля Kamp, Gelderland (Nederland)