Soroosh Safikhani

Soroosh Safikhani


Crazy of the wild and the purity. I can find them all in mother of nature and the kids. Nowhere else.
I believe there in Iran are plenty of resorts which are must seen and you may not be able to cover them your whole life.
Thanks to wikiloc and the adventurers who upload their experiences in here.

учасник з травня 2016

  • Masooleh ~ Masal

    29,3 кілометри - Дуже складно

    біля Narāb, Gīlān (Iran)

  • Tange Rizak (Rizak Valley)

    16,37 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Anjīreh, Fars (Iran)

  • Shoormast Lake

    8,6 кілометри - Складно

    біля Shūr Mast, Māzandarān (Iran)

  • Tbilisi - Saburtalo

    29,03 кілометри - Посередньо

    біля Tbilisi, T'bilisi (Georgia)