2 054 m
328 m
82,54 km

Переглянуто 149 раз(и), завантажено 23 раз(и)

біля Živašnica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Wow! Lukomír - something like the edge of the World, Bjelašnica - 2000m peak above Sarajevo. Way to Lukomír is easy - tarmac, concrete, gravel, no difficult climb. In a village of Lukomír, leave the bike there and take a 200m hike to the edge to take some nice pictures. Climb to Bjelašnica is amazing ride on the side of the hill, the only problem could be bad weather and sharp turns on the gravel. When going down from the mountain of Bjelašnica, don't forget about seeing abandoned hotel from Olympics 1984 (XIV. Zimske olimpijske igre) or ski jumps from the same event. They are not so far from each other.


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