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біля Garrison, Saint Michael (Barbados)

This walking trail explores the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bridgetown. I started at the Garrison Road and Highway 7 at 13.07861°N and -59.60561°W. I walked around the Garrison Savannah noting the historic buildings are architecture around the entire Savannah. George Washington House is located along Garrison Road at 13.08190°N and -59.60657°W. Be sure to check out the old residences and the tunnels that go to the old prison under the Garrison. Keep left at 13.08151°N and -59.60639°W and again at 13.08128°N and -59.60664°W. Turn right at the junction with Highway 7 at 13.07959°N and -59.60676°W. Turn left onto Aquatic Gap at 13.08226°N and -59.60784°W walking past the Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados to Pebbles Beach located at 13.082206°N and -59.60998°W. Cuzz’s Fish Stand is a good place to have a couple of “fish cutters” and then a swim at either Pebbles Beach or Browne’s Beach. I walked back out along Aquatic Gap and then turned left heading along Bay Street. If you're planning to do this trek in the rainy season be aware that Bay Street floods very easily with intense rainfall.
There really is quite a lot to see in Bridgetown so a methodical approach might optimize your time while in the city. The town is extremely busy all day so it might be a good idea to explore on the weekend when it’s not as crowded. Some of the many attractions include the Independence Arch located at 13.09561°N and -59.61416°W. Just beyond there you’d find the gothic style parliament and treasury buildings as well as the Lord Nelson Statue, the War Memorial, The Caribbean Wax Museum, and the commemoration stone for the first pipe bourne water supply. Be sure to visit St. Mary’s Church which is located at 13.09833°N and -59.61893°W. The Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum is located at 13.09930°N and -59.61511°W and is worth the visit. To get there you would take James Street and then turn left at 13.09878°N and -59.61497°W onto Synagogue Lane. If you’re lost ask a local, they’re always pleasant and very helpful. The Synagogue has a small entry fee so be aware of that. There are lots more to see and do in Bridgetown and if you take the time to explore this place you’ll very quickly see why “Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison” was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on June 25th, 2011.
Happy Trails.
Точка шляху

Garrison Savannah

This waypoint marks the start of the trek around the Garrison Savannah...

Soldiers Brick Barracks

This waypoint sits at the front of the old Soldiers Brick Barracks around the Garrison.

Barbados Museum

This waypoint sits at the front of the Barbados Museum.

George Washington House

This waypoint sits at the front of George Washington House around the Garrison.

Pebbles Beach

This waypoint sits at Pebbles Beach.


I placed this waypoint at the front of Cuzz's Food Van on Pebbles Beach.

Carlisle Bay

This waypoint sits along Carlisle Bay.
Релігійний об'єкт

St Paul Anglican Church

This waypoint sits at St Paul Anglican Church.
Світова Спадщина ЮНЕСКО


This waypoint lies on Independence Square in Bridgetown.


This waypoint sits along the Boardwalk in Bridgetown.
Релігійний об'єкт

St Mary’s Church

This waypoint sits at the St. Marys Church in Bridgetown.
Релігійний об'єкт

Cathedral Church of St. Michael and all Angels.

This waypoint sits at the Cathedral Church of St. Michael and all Angels on St. Michael's Row, Bridgetown.

Queens Park

This waypoint lies along Queen's Park.
Світова Спадщина ЮНЕСКО

Synagogue District

This waypoint lies along the Synagogue District.
Світова Спадщина ЮНЕСКО

Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum

This waypoint lies at the Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum.

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    Trini Hiker 23 лип. 2019

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    It's a very very interesting city to explore.... It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site... I would suggest setting aside an entire day or two to take your time and see this island capital thoroughly. It's worth the time...

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