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біля Appleby, Saint James (Barbados)

This combination power walking and jogging trail explores the west coast of Barbados. I started this trail at the Cubana Airlines Flight 455 monument along Paynes Bay at 13.16572°N and -59.63730°W. This monument was erected in memory of the 73 passengers that perished as a result of the anti-Castro terrorist attack on October 6th, 1976. This flight was a Douglas DC-8 aircraft that left Barbados enroute to Jamaica and then onto Havana Cuba. Eight minutes after departure from Grantley Adams International Airport the attack occurred 5 miles off Barbados’ west coast. Fifty-seven Cubans, eleven Guyanese, and five North Korean nationals perished on-board this flight.
Follow Highway 1 heading north along this extremely picturesque coastline. Be sure to make a stop at the Chattel Village in Holetown at 13.18481°N and -59.63803°W. Holetown is Barbados’ first capital and is extremely beautiful. It is well worth the time to explore. Holetown Methodist Church is located at 13.18617°N and -59.63671°W. Continue along Highway 1 heading north to St. James Parish Church. This is Barbados’ first church. The original structure was built on one of the oldest parcels of consecrated land on the island since 1628. The original wooden structure was destroyed on August 31st, 1675 during a hurricane and a stone structure was built in the 1690’s. This extremely lovely church is located at 13.19086°N and -59.63831°W and is a must see. It sits at the entrance to the Folkstone Marine Park which offers exceptional snorkelling.
Continue walking along Highway 1 heading north to St. Alban’s Anglican Church. This is located at the corner of Highway 1 and Carlton Road at 13.21942°N and -59.64173°W. Continue along Highway 1B past Reeds Bay, Gibbs Bay to Mullins Beach. This is quite popular with the well-to-do tourist and is located at 13.23429°N and -59.64257°W.
I continued along Highway 1B to the roundabout at 13.23457°N and -59.64271°W and then continued left heading along Queen’s Street into Speightstown. I stopped by the Speightstown Esplanade and Pier at 13.25096°N and -59.64419°W. Queen’s Street becomes Sand Street just past the esplanade at 13.25767°N and -59.64455°W. Continue heading along Sand Street heading east. It curves right and continues back to Highway 1B at 13.25519°N and -59.64242°W. Initially I thought about going up to Port St. Charles not too far away but the sun got too intense and the area had little to no canopy cover. Instead I explored Speightstown a bit, had a bite of locally made food and made the return trip back to Paynes Bay.
Happy Trails.

Starting Point

This waypoint sits at the Cubana Airlines Flight 455 monument along Paynes Bay at 13.16572°N and -59.63730°W.

Chattel Village

This waypoint sits at the Chattel Village in Holetown.


This waypoint sits at the Holetwon Monument.
Релігійний об'єкт

Holetown Methodist Church

This waypoint sits at the Holetown Methodist Church
Релігійний об'єкт

St James Parish Church

This waypoint sits at the St James Parish Church. This is the oldest church in Barbados.

Folkstone Marine Park

This waypoint sits at the Folkstone Marine Park.

Mullins Beach

This waypoint sits at the Mullins Beach

Speightstown Roundabout

This waypoint sits at the Speightstown Roundabout..
Точка шляху



National Heritage Mural

This waypoint sits at the National Heritage Mural on the Speightstown Waterfront.


This waypoint lies along the Speightown Esplanade
Точка шляху

Loop Junction

This waypoint marks the loop into Speightstown.

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    Trini Hiker 22 лип. 2019 р.

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    This is a wonderful trail to walk, run, or backpack... The only issue for me was the loss of canopy cover beyond Holetown and the lack of established sidewalks along most of the journey. Other than these it is worth seeing...

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