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81 m

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1 122 m



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122 m

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One Way

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1 122 m
122 m
5,93 km

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біля Manqashah, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

This is a great hike rising up from the far end of Wadi Sha’am to a plateau sitting atop the ridge between Wadi Sha’am and Wadi Ghalilah.

It makes use of a trail and stairway for large parts. It can be initially tricky to find the trail so read the UPDATES on the first two waypoints to help you.

The trail and stairway sections are relatively clear until the very end near the ‘Black Cable’ waypoint. There are quite a few cairns marking the route so keep an eye out for them. If in doubt, pause and look for man-made features.

I followed the same route up and down allowing time for exploration of the plateau in between. I recorded one way only to keep the gps trace clear.

The ascent was about 3hrs at a moderate pace and the descent around 2hrs. The descent was comfortable as the path was more obvious in many parts. The scrambling sections were comfortable too going down.

I put this as difficult because of the climbing and exposure in certain parts. Most of the trail is comfortably moderate, however.
Точка шляху

1) Scree

UPDATE - instead of rising out of the wadi, continue as per the attached map until you see the crumbling farm buildings on your right. ——————————————- No trail or markers for this one, so carefully follow the gps track through the scree gradually rising up out of the wadi.
Точка шляху

2) Old Steps

UPDATE - At the abandoned farm building (if you followed the update at waypoint 1), a visible trail can be found leading towards waypoint 3. It starts right in the middle of the buildings. It’s not always obvious but if you can use it, this first section will be easier. ————————————- As you turn the corner and begin to climb, there are fragments of an old stairway visible at certain sections. Nothing to be relied upon, however.
Точка шляху

3) Scree Ascent

The path becomes more consistent and easier to locate around this waypoint. You’re aiming for the tree towards the top of this scree slope if you lose it. I placed a cairn on top of a large boulder just to the left of this location. If you can locate it, the path runs straight from here.
Точка шляху

4) Steps

A staircase through the screen connects with a visible trail that will assist your immediate ascent.

5) Gully Steps

A clear path and staircase now emerges as you reach the small gully within the scree slope. Climb aiming for the trees at the top. The visible path is mostly on the right side.

6) Tree

The path continues to the large tree at the top of the gully and passes it on the right side. This is a convenient rest spot too - shaded and flat.

7) Outcrop

Follow the loose path under and around the outcrop. The actual path follows the contours a little wider than my gps trail but I only found it on the descent. If you can’t find it, you can skirt the base of the rock to the right following my gps track.

8) Over the Saddle

I made a couple of attempts to scale the outcrop at this point and forgot the atop my gps - hence the spaghetti. If you continue over the saddle and keep following around to the left, you will rejoin the path.

9) Scree Ascent

The trail zig-zags across the scree slope and has a stairway built along it. I only found it on the descent so my gps trail isn’t perfect. It starts on the right side of the gully and moves over to the left side at roughly the half way point. There are some cairns placed along the way but don’t rely on them. It’s possible to scramble up the scree if you pick your route.
Точка шляху

10) Staircase

As you near the top, keep an eye on the left side of the gully as a staircase has been crafted into the rocks rising out to a rest spot.
Точка шляху

11) Midpoint Picnic Table

As you reach the top of this section of staircase and exit the gully, you will find a picnic table and bench fashioned out of rocks on a flat section.

12) Ledge

A ledge skirts the rock outcrop to the lower left. Look out for the continuation of the path in front of you as you cross.

13) Ledge II

The path is clear and obvious as you reach the next ledge. Exposed to the side so take care.

14) U-Turn

Path switches back along the ledge above where you came from. Look out for the man-made sections to guide you.

15) Rock Steps

Climb the steps and turn to the right at the top. The path should be obvious as you move on from here towards the next waypoint.

16) Ledge III

Path continues along the ledge straight ahead. The first plateau farm is visible to the right.

17) Bend

The path continues to hug the cliff and bends around to the left. Keep your eye out for the man-made features to guide you. The final climb towards the plateau is not as bad as it may look from here!

18) Cairn

A cairn guides the way to a steep rock ladder. There is no exposure beneath though so it’s an easy climb. The path remains relatively clear and obvious at this section so if you feel that you’ve lost it, take pause to locate it.

19) Cairn II

A second cairn marks a ledge. Look at the outcrop straight ahead of you for the continuation of the staircase.

20) Staircase II

Climb the staircase up the outcrop. It is a relatively simple climb and the route is obvious but take care.

21) Right Turn

As the ledge reaches a smooth corner, follow around to the right. The path takes a ledge up. A small stairway can be found behind the large boulder at this corner. Look for cairns to guide you.

22) Stairway Ascent

The stairway continues up to the right. Look out for the built wall at the top to guide you.

23) Path and Staircase

The path is easy to follow here. Look out for the stairway in the rock formation ahead.

24) Ledge IV

The path gets very thin in parts here and is less obvious than previously. Look to the rock outcrop ahead of you for the man-made sections to guide you. This is the one spot with a bit of knee-knocking exposure to the side so take extra care.

25) Tree and Gully Ascent

The path moves away from the cliff edge and starts cutting up to the top ridge. As your heart rate levels, move around behind the tree to your right and start to climb the gully. There is a staircase running up here but it isn’t entirely obvious. I found it on my descent only as it’s easier to see from above. Just look out for rocks that don’t quite look ‘natural’ and see if it’s a handy step!

26) Staircase III

The path is tough to follow to this point but keep an eye out for this staircase and you’ll be ok. It’s a gradual climb up to the left of the previous waypoint. There are some sporadic cairns charting the route too. If you are confident you are on the path, add a couple as you go to help others!

27) Black Cable

The path continues up a staircase going closely beneath a black cable hanging above.

28) Final climb

Ignore the goat track to the right which looks like a footpath. Instead, look up to the left for the built wall/path. This is the final climb before the plateau.
Точка шляху

29) Plateau Pass

As you make it to the top of the scramble, a stone gateway welcomes you to the plateau! At this point, you can abandon my route if you wish and explore the plateau. There are a plethora of old farm buildings and stepped gardens to explore. There is one new farm building which appears occupied so be mindful of people here. If you continue using my route, there are a couple of extra highlights!

30) Abandoned Farm

On the plateau lies a remarkably well-preserved farm. Some buildings still have bits of old roof intact.

31) Graveyard

Watch your step as your navigate this area as there appears to be a gravesite expanding over an area.

32) Rock Bridge

Geological activity has fractured areas of the plateau. There are some pretty deep crevices so watch your step. This rock bridge takes you over one towards the final waypoint.

33) Small Summit

The plateau ends at a small summit with great views over the neighbouring peaks, Wadi Sha’am and the Arabian Gulf. Look out for Jebel Jais to your left (south) and visible peaks in the Omani exclave of Musandam to your right (north).


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