Moving time  2 годин 37 хвилин

Час  3 годин 41 хвилин

Координати 1609

Uploaded 13 травня 2018

Recorded травня 2018

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1 529 m
1 195 m
9,01 km

Переглянуто 5298 раз(и), завантажено 141 раз(и)

біля El Aali, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Beautiful hike at this time of the year with periods of sunshine and rain. This valley is ideal for hiking. Amazing sceneries all the way (baskinta, sannine, Kfardebiane, Chakhroub...) The LMT goes through this valley. From wadi el deleb to saydet El Khelli then going back to Manbukh making a loop. All trails are clear except the first 200 m where u have to find your way (easily).

Wadi ain abou mostapha





Точка шляху

Wadi el delb

Інформаційний пункт

Hadrien inscriptions

Інформаційний пункт

Suleiman kettaneh house

Релігійний об'єкт

Saydet el khelleh


Valley view



Точка шляху

Asphalt trail


Nice flowers


Nabeh l mamboukh


Back to starting point

20 коментарів

  • Фото radwan.bachir

    radwan.bachir 26 серп. 2018

    I have followed this trail  перевірено  View more

    Thank you for sharing. Easy to follow.

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 26 серп. 2018

    Thanks for reviewing Radwan! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

  • Фото Gracia Zgheib

    Gracia Zgheib 2 трав. 2019

    Hello. In which village is this trail? Thank you

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 2 трав. 2019

    It's in the valley between Baskinta and Sannine. The starting point can be reached from Zaarour-Sannine road.

  • Фото Gracia Zgheib

    Gracia Zgheib 3 трав. 2019

    Thank you :)

  • christianelaoun 3 трав. 2019

    What do you mean by
    Moving time
    2 hours 37 minutes
    3 hours 41 minutes

  • Фото Rima90

    Rima90 13 трав. 2019

    Thank you for the info. Could u plz let us know if its possible for a beginner (first hike) to follow the trail. Fi tal3et sa3be?

  • christianelaoun 13 трав. 2019

    We made half of it last week from the starting point till the church (the left side)and after that we had the chance to meet someone that took us by 4x4 all the way up .It took us 2hours 7km (half of the trail)and 30min in 4x4.I was wondering how they said all the trail is 9km. All the trail will be hard for us to do.But it was a great trail with breathtaking views.

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 14 трав. 2019

    @Rima90 Hi Rima. The trail is easy to follow with no technical difficulties. Whether it is suitable for a beginner will depend on the level of fitness and the pace of the walk. The ascent from Saydet el Khelli is long but not steep. You can do it! It's all in the mind :)

    @christianelaoun Hello Christiane. The distance from the starting point to Saydet el Khelli is around 4.2 km (recorded with my phone and my garmin watch). I think there was a problem with your recordings. Im glad you enjoyed the trail. Keep hiking so you will fully complete even much harder trails 😎

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 14 трав. 2019

    @christianelaoun The moving time is the time spent walking (moving). It will be equal to the total time if you don't stop at all. The total time will include all stops (rests, photos...), it is the whole time from the start to the end of the walk.

  • Фото Rima90

    Rima90 14 трав. 2019

    Thank you Rami 👍

  • christianelaoun 14 трав. 2019

    Thank you Rami.we had 4 devices with the same result.Anyway we enjoyed the trail but maybe next time we will begin from the right so the acsent from saydet el khelli will be on the easy slope.we had a problem concerning the trail map there is no colored line to guide us the way like in the Google map for example.

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 14 трав. 2019

    It is a good idea Christiane. Doing the trail clockwise will make the ascent gradual and less steep. But again, the descent will be steep and some will have knee pain! 🤣 The more we train the less we will have difficulties!

  • Фото emzou

    emzou 8 лип. 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I loved this hike: the scenery was really beautiful. We were there in July (cherry season) and encountered cherry pickers who offered us so many cherries. We also found two spots of super fresh water and one tiny church in the middle of nowhere.

    The first 5 minutes, in order to reach the hike trail, you first have to cross a complicated path. But then the first half of the hike is super easy. Then it goes up, which can be challenging for kids and older parents (I was with my ~50yr old aunt and uncle). My 6 yr old cousin did surprisingly well without complaining. My 13yr old cousin said it was difficult but she was fine. They could not do the last 3km so I finished it without them and got the car for them.

    I would advise to change the technical difficulty of this hike for other potential hikers to be well prepared. I personally loved it as the challenge of going up did my body a lot of good. The hike with child and older adults took around 4:30 - 5hours.

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 9 лип. 2019

    Hello emzou! I'm glad you liked the trail. This loop may be physically demanding to some persons but technically it is considered "easy" (no special outdoor skills required)

  • Фото Omar. M

    Omar. M 2 квіт. 2020

    Just did it! Nice track full of waterfalls, old blgs... Amazing sceneries! Cheers!

  • Фото nayla.madi

    nayla.madi 13 квіт. 2020

    I have followed this trail  перевірено  View more

    Perfect! Thank you! :)

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 13 квіт. 2020


  • Фото Yara Chehwane

    Yara Chehwane 8 трав. 2021

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Loved the trail and I am hardly even a beginner.. in the middle you have a steep hill to climb for some minutes but nothing major ♥️ the area is such a nice place to discover with cute abandoned tiny houses and a church in the middle of nowhere! Thanks Rami

  • Фото Rami Rachkidi

    Rami Rachkidi 8 трав. 2021

    Thank you Yara for reviewing! I'm happy you liked the trail. Keep hiking :)

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