2 302 m
1 993 m
10,86 km

Переглянуто 1261 раз(и), завантажено 68 раз(и)

біля Hāţ, Ad Dakhiliyah (Sultanate of Oman)

This is part 2 of my 5-day hike in westerm Hajar mountains from February 28th to March 04th, 2017.
The preceding part can be found here.

The trail follows the hajar ridge westward from Sharaf Al Alamayn road pass to the mountain Ras al Ḩaraq (رأس الحرق). It includes the trekking routes W10h and parts of W8 and W10 as recommended by the ministry of tourism of the Sultanate of Oman. See their official website.
The second part of the trail is described in the book “Adventure Trekking in OMAN” by Anne dale and Jerry Hadwin (out of print) as part of walk 9.
W10h and W8 are perfectly marked and cannot be missed. W10 is only sparsely marked by some older waymarks or the ocassional cairn and requires some scouting skills. Good preparation and a GPS are recommended.
The hike offers stunning views in all directions. One is on the ridge, after all. This is not for persons afraid of heights. Following flat rockbeds first, the trail becomes more difficult when aooroaching Ras al Ḩaraq. Some simple climbing is required which can get tricky with heavy backpack.
I set up my tent in the saddle in front of Ras al Ḩaraq. There are good camping spots, and water is available. This is the only water source along the track: a number of natural cisterns containing rain water, covered with branches and stones to reduce eveporation. For drinking, this water must be filtered or purified, of course.

The subsequent part of the hike can be found here.

Junction W8-W9-W10h


Junction W8-W10


Water pits




Ras Al Haraq


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