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Uploaded 30 липня 2020

Recorded липня 2020

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біля Tatranská Polianka, Prešovský (Slovensko)

Day 5 (afternoon). From Sliezsky dom (Śląski dom) you take green marked path until the pass of Poľský hrebeň (Polski Grzebień), from which you continue on yellow marked path until the summit of Vychodná Vysoká.

On the green trail, you follow mainly on stone plates, but just before reaching Poľský hrebeň you have to pass a two or three dozen metres on the rock with chain protection (although you are not exposed, you have to be careful not to slip down).

On the yellow trail from Poľský hrebeň, you mainly climb on a rock, but the ascent should not pose problems for a person in good physical shape.

On a sunny day you have great views from the summit on the three valleys (Velická, Veľká Studená and parts of Litvorová).

This trail is part of a longer trip of several days. All the following trails are uploaded in Wikiloc.
Day 1: a loop from Ždiar to Magurka in Spiska Magura.
Day 2: from Ždiar to Zelené pleso (Zielony Staw Kieżmarski).
Day 3: from Zelené pleso to Bilíkova chata (Schronisko Bilika).
Day 4: a loop from Bilíkova chata to Malá Studená dolina (Dolina Małej Zimnej Wody) and Kotlina Piatich Spišských plies (Kotlina Pięciu Stawów Spiskich).
Day 5 (morning): from Bilíkova chata to Sliezsky dom (Śląski Dom).
Day 5 (afternoon): a loop from Sliezsky dom to the summit of Východná Vysoká (2429).
Day 6: from Sliezsky dom to Popradské pleso (Popradzki Staw).
Day 7: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Rysy (2503).
Day 8: a loop from Popradské pleso to the summit of Kôprovský štít (Koprowy Wierch, 2363).

Velické pleso (Wielicki Staw)


Velicka dolina (Dolina Wielicka), Kvetnica (Wielicki Ogród)


Dlhé pleso (Długi Staw)

Гірський перевал

Poľský Hrebeň (Polski Grzebień)


View on Zmarzlé pleso (Zmarzły Staw)


Východná Vysoká





I have seen the marmots "singing" and chamois when I was going down in the afternoon and the trail was already empty.


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