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Uploaded 18 березня 2020

Recorded березня 2020

24 m
-15 m
12,5 km

Переглянуто 40 раз(и), завантажено 2 раз(и)

біля Wageningen-Hoog, Gelderland (Nederland)

The walk starts from the small parking area next to Arboretum Oostereng, located along the N782 out of Bennekom (Keijenbergseweg / Bennekomseweg).

You can start or end the walk with a circular route through the interesting arboretum, but this is not included in this track.

Due to the heavy rains in the preceding weeks and the really muddy footpaths we'd seen in the woods, we chose to take the broader tracks, also along the more solid cycle tracks. In another season we would have taken to the smaller tracks of which there are plenty.

If you want to visit Ginkelse heide from this starting point you cannot avoid crossing the motorway A12 twice (plus the railway track). It is worthwhile though due to the wide views all around.

All in all, a nice circular route crossing a variety of landscapes and a sculpture garden, see the waypoint picture of the Kwadenoord water mill area.

Parking Arboretum Oostereng

Archaeological site

Prehistoric burial ground


Nivon Natuurvriendenhuis Bosbeek

Archaeological site

Bosbeekweg 3 burial grounds


Viewing platform

Picknick tables

Ginkelse heide


Picknick area

Building of interest

Kwadenoord water mill


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