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біля Bollendorf-Pont, Echternach (Lëtzebuerg)

Bollendorf sits squarely in the Müllerthal environment. While there are many shorter and longer trails around Bollendorf, our short trail aims straight for the Mandrock passage.

It is difficult to say whether this is truly the most narrow passage in the Müllerthal area, unless you have been everywhere. But the passage is certainly not for the claustrophobic, nor for those that enjoy eating and drinking more than hiking. Maybe it suffices to say that we had to take off our (rather small) backpacks when squeezing through the narrows.

But take it easy. There is always a way around this narrow gap; provided you don't get stuck on a cold lonely winter day....

We also added some other rock formations to the hike; but it is good to know that once you managed the first steep ascent to the Kalekopp, and later the viewpoint at waypoint 6, it will be mostly downhill for the rest of the path.

Take note at waypoint 7. We suggest you follow the stairs down to the forest road, instead of the herdpath we used that ends in a little scramble section to reach the same forest road.

The entire roundtrip is likely to take you less than 2.5 hours walking time, though you are likely to spend more time exploring the rock formations along the way. You always can extend the loop by continuing straight at waypoint 11.
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BD 01-Waypoint

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BD 02-Lounge

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BD 03-Fork

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BD 04-Kalekopp

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BD 05-Passage Mandrock

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BD 06-Top of viewpoint

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BD 07-Fork

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BD 08-Fork

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BD 09-Fork

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BD 10-Rammelay

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BD 11-Fork

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BD 12-Pond

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BD 13-Fork

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BD 14-Fork

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BD 15-Fork

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