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біля  Spro, Akershus fylke (Norge)

A nice hike allong the coast, visiting the Spro cave early on and then walking all the way to Fjellstrand.
Starts and ends at a bus stop.
Features various terains: forest bed, gravel and asphalt road, rocky uneven paths. There are several places suitable for camping and swimming along the way.

P.S. sorry for the gps scramble in the begining. A road bend is covered at first and then there's a know when we went inside the cave.
Water seemed drinkable, so we refilled our bottles
Nice woden houses and view of fiord
The signs show the distances now
These markings can be almost on anything. Good thing they're always in sight when needed :)
Hmm, slight change of color?
Seems like they made the postmans/womans job easier by putting their postboxes uphill from all the houses. Trust me, climbing the hill is a pain.
Ooh, getting close
Going up for lunch first


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