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біля Big Pond, Newfoundland (Canada)

This is a popular route for winter hiking, as the location for the main attraction (The Spout) is fairly remote and difficult to access in the winter months via the East Coast Trail. Summer hiking on this route is not as popular, probably because the high barren section that forms the majority of the hike is marshy and wet.

(During the summer, The Spout is more easily accessed via the ECT: from the North starting at Petty Harbour (via Motion Path), from the South starting at Bay Bulls (via Spout Path) or from the West via the Goulds and the often wet ATV access trail @ Shoal Bay Road.)

For the first section upon leaving Route 10 (headed from West to East), this route is easy to follow as it climbs via ATV trails, with a single medium size stream to cross. Upon reaching two small ponds at 1km, it levels off and begins to cross a section of barren open ground through which there is no path or markings of any type for the hiker to follow - for approximately the NEXT 5KM. Note that there are no landmarks in this area and the exposed high terrain can be difficult to cross, particularly in windy, white-out conditions. Navigation aids are suggested. See below.

Near the end of this high barren section, before dropping back into the forest and descending to the ocean, the hiker is rewarded with a view along the coast that stretches many kilometers to the north. The initial descent from the ridge can at times be steep, but it offers a good vantage point from which to spot the sporadic markings that bring the hiker to the rough path that leads directly to The Spout - a natural freshwater geyser that is driven by wave action from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Spring 2017: The path currently has a bridge in place at the stream crossing (@ ~ 600m headed east). At about 300m from the coast, the hiker starts to encounter many blowdowns, making the path difficut to follow (particularly so if there are no tracks from previous hikers). Allow extra time in this area - progress can be very slow. There is also no cell reception in this area.

NOTE: It's a good idea to get the GPS track included here and practice navigational use with this data and your selected device (smartphone, dedicated GPS, etc.) BEFORE hitting the trail. In addition to the regular kit, take some backup power for your device & a ziplock as extra protection from moisture. Trekking poles, a headlamp, pain killers and a compass are also a good idea, as is sunscreen for the high barren section. Although this hike is only 7km one way, the 14km out / back trek can be grueling.

Thanks to Jim Fitzgerald for the original track that we followed for part of this route.
Точка шляху

Markings start toward coast

Точка шляху

River Crossing


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