53,43 km

Набрана висота

931 m




929 m

Max elevation

328 m



Min elevation

4 m

Trail type

One Way


2 днів одна година 24 хвилин




20 липня 2016 р.


липня 2015
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328 m
4 m
53,43 km

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біля Árneshreppur, Vestfirðir (Lýðveldið Ísland)

I had originally intended this to be a longer hike from Látravík but the weather was atrocious so I "jumped ship" in Reykjafjörður and hiked south from there. In fact the temperature dropped to 1.5° the first evening - which says something about conditions (it being July!).

Day 1

Arrived in Reykjafjörður at 18:30 in fairly dismal weather, didn't feel like camping so started the hike right away. I imagined I'd be better off fording the river at the airport than up at Kirkjuból - not so! I ended up having to abandon my first attempt at a crossing - but the one shown in the track file was OK. After starting my ascent of Fossadalsheiði I soon entered fog and navigated by GPS (following a track submitted to wikiloc by Ólafur Örn Ólafsson). I did manage to get across the mountain without too much trouble and camped at the first suitable site in drizzling rain at 22:30 or thereabouts. It felt a bit lonely, I had the whole fjord to myself!

Day 2

I got going just before 9 and immediately came across an orca carcass just around the first headland. Luckily it didn't stink. Waded across the fjord without too much trouble. As I made my way along the south shore of the fjord the weather gradually improved and by the time I reached Meyjará it had become reasonable, if dull. I crossed the river Húsá at Drangar via the bridge - it's a bit of a detour and in sunny weather I would have been tempted to just wade across it closer to the sea.

Rather than use the pass I naturally wanted to get close to the wonderful Drangaskörð. When I got to the tip of the peninsula I couldn't at first find the way down the cliff face - I later discovered that most people climb to the pass between the two outermost "pillars". That's too much work for me and I eventually found the route down the cliff to the shore. Camped on the north (near) bank of Drangavíkurá - I could have gone further (it was only about 19:00) but this is one of my favourite places to camp.

Day 3

The weather had improved considerably when I started out (late - it was about 10!) and kept doing so as the day progressed - the sun even came out eventually. Met three ladies hiking in the opposite direction - the first and only people I ran into. It took me about 10 hours to get to the car where the boat crew had left it for me (for which they refused to accept any payment), at the foot of the slope down to Ingólfsfjörður. A very enjoyable hike had been completed and I drove off to Reykjavík.

Bjarnarfjörður N

Yes, you wade across the fjord! It actually has some advantages over wading the river - the Arctic ocean is actually a few degrees warmer than glacial run-off. At low tide it's not too deep, perhaps up to your knees or so. At high tide you have to either go above the reach of the tide and wade the river (many channels) or wait.

Bjarnarfjörður S

South shore of the fjord
Табірна стоянка

Camp 1

My first camp was located on the first patch of reasonably flat ground that I found, with a gurgling brook just outside.
Табірна стоянка

Camp 2

One of my favourite camp sites - even though you have to walk upriver to fetch fresh water when the tide is in.
Табірна стоянка

Campsite (WC)

I thought I'd include this - WCs are few and far between around here ...


The old farm at Drangar is abandoned in winter but the family return each spring


My faithful chariot awaits me!


As mentioned above this was not the best ford on the river - but I did get across. Th
Точка шляху


So, as I explaine din the intro most people climb up to one of the passes between the rock pillars - usually the lowest one. I prefer to drop over the edge and make my way down to the seashore. Finding that is easy when coming from the other direction but not so when heading south ...

Húsá (Drangar)

07.07.2015 13:37:03

Húsá (Ófeigsfjörður)

This one you have to wade - if the tide is out you can do so close to the sea, otherwise at this ford.


A couple of photos from my favourite camp site - this time I passed it at midday but still stopped and brewed a cup of coffee.


This is where I got off the boat - and immediately got on my way. I didn't even stop to take a photo I'm afraid.


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