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  • Фото Pisaq Ruins
  • Фото Pisaq Ruins
  • Фото Pisaq Ruins
  • Фото Pisaq Ruins
  • Фото Pisaq Ruins

Час  4 годин 23 хвилин

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Uploaded 24 вересня 2017

Recorded вересня 2017

3 478 m
2 957 m
5,0 km

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біля  Pisac, Cusco (Peru)

Sep 16, 2017 9:57 am
This is a track of the walk from top to bottom of the Ruins at Pisaq. To get to the starting pint you can hail a taxi from the main square in Pisaq and ask to be taken to the top of the ruins. From there you can follow a fairly well marked trail through the ruins all the way down the mountain and back to the square.

Also as a bonus, if you follow this track to the very end you will find yourself at the entrance of the Felipe Marin Moreno Botanic Garden - a small but charming garden in the center of the old city. If t is not open you can knock on the door across the street and kindly ask if the owner would let you in. The garden is the life's work of the father of the current guardian and he is usually more than willing to show it off.


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