6 088 m
2 271 m
127,49 km

Переглянуто 1849 раз(и), завантажено 61 раз(и)

біля PeruRail, Arequipa (Peru)

Usually this is a night-climb. After spending 3-4 hours of uneasy sleep in a freezing cold tent, you get up at 1am and start climbing through the night, reaching the summit of 6,075m-Chachani at about sunrise.
We decided that climbing the mountain during daylight-hours would be indefinitely more exciting and beautiful, let alone comfortable due to higher temperatures and the absence of fierce winds during the climb.
If you are reasonably acclimatized this is an easy task: get up at 5am in Arequipa, hitch a 4x4-ride to the end of the road (see GPS) - 8am -, walk 1 hour to the Chachani-Basecamp - 9am -, eat an apple there and continue to the top.
You reach the summit of Chachani at about noon, depending on your personal fitness. We spent 2 hours there, sunbathing, relishing the incredible views of neighbouring Misti and the active Sabacaya in the near distance. 2pm-4pm - descent through a gravel-canal. We drove back to Arequipa which we reached at 7pm.
The hike onto Chachani is a really easy one, during summertime you even do not need crampons.
The unique challenge is the height of a little bit over 6,000 meters, for which you have to acclimatize properly. If you are used to hike in great heights and come to Arequipa unacclimatized, take 3-4 days and hike the slopes of Misti (which are easily accessible from Arequipa by Taxi) and a beautiful, easy 5,000-meter-peak on the Pampa Canahuas (http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=15590212), before hitting the gentle, powdery flanks of Chachani.


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