Час  2 годин 54 хвилин

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Uploaded 6 травня 2018

Recorded квітня 2018

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520 m
48 m
10,69 km

Переглянуто 297 раз(и), завантажено 16 раз(и)

біля  Palaióchora, Crete (Greece)

Hors sentier à partir des Antennes avec végétation basse mais très piquante. Retour par la route. Sauvage et panoramique.

3 коментарів

  • Фото pud353

    pud353 24 трав. 2018

    Tried this walk on 23-05-2018 but found the first part impassable: The route from the road leads into a compound with a gate at the back. This takes you into an olive grove which has a strong steel fence all around with no exit found dispite much searching.

  • Фото pierrepisano

    pierrepisano 25 трав. 2018

    Hello Pud353, at the start of the walk, after you open the gate to the Olive trees, when you reach the strong steel fence, just have a look to your right. Some stones on each side of the fence allow you to step over the fence! And then after less than 100 meters you find the orange marks!

  • Фото pud353

    pud353 27 трав. 2018

    That's great thanks, we obviously missed the route over the fence. Happy trekking.

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