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15,46 km

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біля Charlottetown, Newfoundland (Canada)

Currently (Summer 2019), the trail is 15 km in length (one way, or 30 km return). The hiker leaves Newman Sound Campground and travels on hardened, easy to follow path as far as South Broad Cove. Upon reaching this point, the park staff suggest that hikers turn around and return the way which they came. When including the viewpoint side trail to the Mt. Stamford lookout (on route at about km # 10 – between 2 to 3 km round trip) the total is about 33 km.

In the past, the path continued along the coast past Lion's Den to Park Harbour at approximately 24km. In the more distant past the trail continued west via an inland route to Ochre Hill, then north past Rocky Pond to join with the main trail at km # 1.5 for a total loop hike of about 54km (round trip, returning to Newman Sound Campground).

Very little to no path remains in the area beyond South Broad Cove. As such, park officials are adamant that this area not be used by hikers.

A suggested topo map for this area would be NRC NTS Map Number 2-C/12 (1:50,000 scale).

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Minchin Cove Camp Area

Точка шляху

Minchin Pond Camp Area

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Mt. Stamford Lookout

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Mt. Stamford Side Trail

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South Broad Cove Camp Area


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