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біля Hoef, Gelderland (Nederland)

This is one of the many "klompenpaden" in the provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht, and what a beauty it is !

A delightful, shortish walk of around 8 kms if you just follow the signs. We walked a great, narrow track twice, crossing a wood just to enjoy the hike a little longer. And we took a larger circle around the castle grounds. So as you can see it's just under 11 kms for us.

Naturally, the highlight of this path is the part around Oldenaller castle, which is located in a fantastic setting with ponds, shrubs, gardens, you name it. To enjoy this gem of an estate there are many benches to rest and observe the beauty of these surroundings (although the grass areas surrounding the castle itself are not open to the public).

It's up to you to choose to start off with this or keep it for later. As we didn't follow the track as it was planned originally (see the info panel, or the website of www.klompenpaden.nl), we enjoyed the castle grounds somewhere in the middle.

In the remainder of the "klompenpad" you cross a variety of landscapes. All in all, a delightful walk, well worth doing for a morning or afternoon (with a picknick).

By the way, it's also possible to turn it into a shorter walk, if you wish.

There are catering opportunities along the way; however, this walk was done during the partial corona lockdown.

Car park with info panel

For approximately 10 cars.





Odenaller castle


De Zoete Inval

This is an alternative starting point.



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