12,49 km

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602 m




602 m

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551 m


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15 m

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23 січня 2016 р.


січня 2016
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551 m
15 m
12,49 km

Переглянуто 2305 раз(и), завантажено 23 раз(и)

біля Saint Augustine, Tunapuna/Piarco (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

This very invigorating trek can be started at the corner of St. John’s Road and the Eastern Main Road in St. Augustine at 10.64513° N and -61.39561° W. Proceed heading 355° along St. John’s Road. This is a rather steep ascent with no canopy cover. The road is narrow and accommodates two lanes of vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian traffic. Continue following St. John’s Road until St. Michael’s Village Road located 10.66104° N and -61.39208° W turn heading 252° to continue along St. John’s Road. The climb is a bit steeper but the views along this stretch of the walk make the journey worthwhile. You’re afforded great views of the Central plains with Mt. Tamana on the Central Range and on clear days the San Fernando Hill is visible. Some days you’re able to see along the southern coastline along the way to Point Fortin. Along the way you’ll encounter the Regional Seminary of St. John Vianney and the Uganda Martyrs. This is located at 10.66140° N and -61.39539° W. Continue along St. John’s Road heading 82° and then turn heading 30° at the junction located at 10.66246° N and -61.39520° W to get to Pax Guest House. The Guest House is run by the Monastery and it is located at 10.66270° N and -61.39544° W. From here you would turn heading 96° at the junction located at 10.66245° N and -61.39614° W to get to the Monastery. This is located at 10.66273° N and -61.39610° W. The Monastery is worth exploring or just spending a moment in quiet reflection. Upon leaving the monastery continue heading 287° at the junction located at 10.66251° N and -61.39697° W. This continues along St. John’s Road. The New Life Ministries Drug Rehabilitation Center is located along here at 10.66325° N and -61.39881° W. The “top of the mount” is located at St. Benet’s Hall at 10.66410° N and -61.39911° W. The actual trig marker for Mt. St. Benedict is located at 10.66415° N and -61.40052° W. The Mt. Tabor Trailhead located at 10.66431° N and -61.40034° W. It’s initially quite steep but has areas where the gradient is negligible. There is a great birding spot located at 10.66519° N and -61.40025° W. There appears to be a lek of hummingbirds located along this path of the trail. There is a fire watch tower located at 10.66678° N and -61.40085° W. At 10.66776° N and -61.40121° W there is a bench that sits at an elevation of 358m. You get quite a lot of very good views from there. It also affords a moment to catch your breath or just connect with nature. The top of the col is located at 10.66998° N and -61.40189° W with a flat rock out crop that’s great for sitting and enjoying the views of the Maracas St. Joseph Valley below. My favorite picnic spot is located at 10.67070° N and -61.40116° W at an elevation of 467m. It’s a flat clearing in the pine trees. Continue following the clearly marked trail along the pine ridge. There is a fork in the trail located at 10.67276° N and -61.39910° W. To get to the ruins you would continue along the trail heading 49°. You would continue heading 75° at 10.67324° N and -61.39788° W. The very short trail leading to the ruins at the top of Mt. Tabor lies at 10.67353° N and -61.39778° W. The ruins are located at 10.67361° N and -61.39766° W at an elevation of 526m. These ruins are thought to be that of the residence of the Brazilian monk, Dom Mayeul De Caigny, that built the Monastery on Mt. St. Benedict, also known as The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile in 1912. This trail continues past the ruins heading 22° towards the Caura Valley. I found it to be overgrown at 10.67466° N and -61.39732° W at an elevation of 550m. From here I turned about and followed the trail back towards the fork located at 10.67276° N and -61.39910° W. The loop back down starts here heading 108° downhill at a shallow angle of depression. You’d turn heading 156° at 10.67156° N and -61.39730° W. The angle of depression varies quite a bit along this trail. You would turn heading 261° at 10.66812° N and -61.39781° W. The trail curves quite sharply at 10.66891° N and -61.39828° W heading 200°. Proceed heading 242° at 10.66719° N and -61.39824° W and then turn heading 194° at 10.66848° N and -61.39943° W heading downhill. You would turn heading 272° at 10.66821° N and -61.39950° W past a spring that has been capped to provide water to the Monastery below. The trail proceeds along a suspended walkway built onto the side of the mountain at 10.66599° N and -61.39983° W. The view of the drop below and of the gorge is fantastic from along this walkway. Take care to avoid loose concrete slabs along the walkway path. There is a bust of the Virgin Mary located at 10.66442° N and -61.39903° W with a bench in front of it. Take the railed staircase that is located at 10.66451° N and -61.39906° W to exit this wonderful trail at the parking lot of the abandoned St. Benet’s Hall at 10.66413° N and -61.39908° W. To complete the trek you just follow St. John’s Rod back down to the starting point at the Eastern Main Road.

Starting Point.

This waypoint is just the starting point of the trek. It is located at the corner of St. John's Trace and St. John's Road in St. Augustine.


This way point is located at the corner of St. John's Road and the Eastern Main Road in St. Augustine. This is where this trek can be started from...

St Michael's Village Road.

This waypoint is just the starting point of the trek. It is located at the corner of St. John's Road and St Michael's Village Road in St. Augustine....
Релігійний об'єкт

Mt. St. Benedict Monastery.

This waypoint is located at the front of the Mt. St. Benedict Monastery....

Trail head...

This waypoint sits at the trail head towards Mt. Tabor...

Trail Intersection.

This waypoint marks and intersection in the trails...

Mt. Tabor Ruins

This waypoint sits at the Mt. Tabor Ruins...
Точка шляху

Trek Down.

This waypoint marks the start of the steep descent down the other trail....
Точка шляху

Curve in Trail.

This waypoint marks a curve along the trail....

Trail Exit.

This waypoint marks the point where the trail exits at St. Benet's Hall on Mt. St. Benedict...

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  • Фото Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 23 січ. 2016 р.

    Very nice trail to do first thing in the morning... Close enough to the suburbs for very easy access yet far enough to be immersed in nature...

  • Hayma 6 лют. 2017 р.

    if you're not fit, the steep part will be somewhat difficult. I did it by frequently stopping to rest during the ascent.

  • Фото Trini Hiker

    Trini Hiker 3 січ. 2018 р.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very nice trail to do first thing in the morning... Close enough to the suburbs for very easy access yet far enough to be immersed in nature...

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