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біля Talikbougou, Koulikoro Region (മാലി)

On the soutern side of Bamako, there are a few hills that are worth a visit. Not only are the great to be out of the noise (and polution?) of Bamako, but there are also many mango trees. Therefore, the area frequently dubbed as "The Mango Valley".

From more of less the same starting point, it's a nice track along the stream, that includes 2 waterfalls (depending on season) and a pond.

But if you have already walked that one, you might be looking for something else. In that case, you may enjoy this walk that leades you a little further away from "civilazation", and certainly a different scenery. If 11km is too short for you, this walk can easily be combined with another walk: Mango Valley Hills 1, as these routes overlap on a part of the track.

But assuming you just follow this track, the description is below:
As the indicated parking spot, you'll find a tiny forrest of large trees that will give your car some shade while you're out and about.

Immediately from the parking, you start to climb out of the valley. Nothing to steep or difficult, but after reasonable easy tracks to follow.

When you come almost at the end of the valley, you'll find a nice place for a quick water break.

From that point, it's a little bit further, but you are out of the valley and cross through a village. From there, you will not do much climbing and continue the track through 2 more villages. In like in Bamako, these villages are build traditionally (with some exceptions) and you'll find plenty of kids to point and talk to the strangers.

After crossing the third village, you walk up a hill, which I would describe as a moon landscape: it's just a massive rock with hardly any vegetation. When you're more or less at the top of this hill, it's time for another water break.

After that the descent will start. When you come to the river, you'll make a left turn and follow the track along the river back to the car.

Another hike in the area can be found here: Begnebougou / Mango Circle. It's a longer and will require you to drive deeper into the main valley.

Please remember to bring plenty of water and a snack as you'll not see any shops along the way.

Enjoy your hike and leave a comment!

Break 1

A reasonable nice place for a break: a rock under a tree. Soon after you leave this valley behind and move on to the villages
Точка шляху

Break 2

You're about to complete the empty hill side. Take a short break.


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    enrique.elbiar 27 лют. 2021

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    Un magnifique parcours pleins de mangos et de gens bien. On passe par trois jolis villages pleins de sourires. Merci

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