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біля Talikbougou, Koulikoro Region (മാലി)

On the soutern side of Bamako, there are a few hills that are worth a visit. Not only are the great to be out of the noise (and polution?) of Bamako, but there are also many mango trees. Therefore, the area frequently dubbed as "The Mango Valley".

From more of less the same starting point, it's a nice track along the stream, that includes 2 waterfalls (depending on season) and a pond.

But if you have already walked that one, you might be looking for something else. In that case, you may enjoy this walk that leades you a little further away from "civilazation", and certainly a different scenery. If 11km is too short for you, this walk can easily be combined with another walk: Mango Valley Hills 2, as these routes overlap on a part of the track.

But assuming you just follow this track, the description is below:

The walk starts somehwere in the middle of "town". There are a few trees on the south side of the road that will provide a bit of shade. From there, follow the track east.

Immediately, after passing the concrete bridge you probably passed with the car earlier, you take a left turn and you will to ascend quite quickly up the fills.

After hiking about 2.5 km (counting from the place you parked the car), the mango trees in the small valley will provide you a bit of shade, while you continue to ascend for the next kilometer or so.

Continue to follow the track as you head out to the dyer areas, with a track that is very easy to folow. Just don't miss the sharp left turn at around 4 km. This is also the highest point of this track.

From there, you'll start the descent again and soon you'll be in another mango forest.

When you leave the forest, you'll find yourself in a small village and see a couple of boab trees.

Soon after leaving the village, you will get in a small valley with more mango trees that you will follow for about 1 km until you have hiked about 6.5 km. From there you will ascend on open ground back to village you started. Just continue along the main road for about 1 more kilometer to make it back to the car.

Another hike in the area can be found here: Begnebougou / Mango Circle. It's a longer and will require you to drive deeper into the main valley.

Please remember to bring plenty of water and a snack as you'll not see any shops along the way.

Enjoy your hike and leave a comment!

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    On a fait la route en sense inverse etf on a subi la chaleur a la fin dans le village dernier. Mieux la faire au sens correct. Jolie comme même.merci gerard

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