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біля Hvallátur, Vestfirðir (Ísland)

Walking on the edge of Latrabjarg up to the "peak" is a kind of labor work. But one can enjoy wathcing the birds and sheep hanging in the clifs. Amazing to see the sheep risk their lives for a mouthfull of, what must be an excellent quality of grass. Started at Bjargtangar in a foggy weather and walked up through the fog into a very nice weater (in danish: topnice ;) )

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  • Фото Thore

    Thore 28 квіт. 2014

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    It is a nice walk indeed and very simple to follow... The further you get away from the tourist parking space, the fewer people you meet, but you will almost never be alone (in good weather at least...). One general tip: If you want to watch the birds, make sure to be at the cliff early in the morning or late in the evening - without the masses of tourists...

  • Фото Harald  Jóhannesson

    Harald Jóhannesson 8 квіт. 2018

    Thanks Thore for your comments. One tip to future visitors, from Johann Oli Hilmarsson author of the Icelandic Bird Guide, "to be there in the evening" it´s better if you´re interested in the colourful Puffin. The summer nights are bright and that´s the most activity time of the puffins.

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