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біля Visdalen, Oppland fylke (Norge)

Two days hike in one of the most beautiful places in Norway, the Jutenheimen national park. This trail goes through the best known locations of the park - the Bessegen ridge and the Glitterheim cabin.

The trail begins in the Gjendesheim village (I came there by bus from Oslo) and ends in Spiterstulen campsite, from there you can catch a bus to Lom village and continue elsewhere from there.

First part of the trail follows the popular Bessegen trail, so expect to see many other tourists there. For the first night camp I chose a spot on the shore of Russvatnet lake.
In the beginning of the second day you will have to cross a very cold river with a strong current. The trail will lead you to a non-existent bridge, so you have two options - find a suitable foot crossing a bit upstream (what I did) or go about one kilometer downstream for a new bridge.

After Glitterheim cabin you have a choice of either going through the valleys (on a path marked as Glitterheim-Spiterstulen), or go through the highest peak of Norway (but beware it is covered in snow even in July, so you will need snow boots).
Starting point, reachable by bus from Oslo
One of the most beautiful spots in Norway
Turn right toward the valley, away from the Gjende lake
The new bridge is about one kilometer downstream, but you can find a spot to cross the river on foot
The crossroads, here you can chose your path to Spiterstulen, either via the highest peak of Norway or via the valleys


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