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  • Фото Johnston Canyon, Lower Falls

Час  одна година 18 хвилин

Координати 250

Uploaded 12 червня 2016

Recorded червня 2016

1 502 m
1 415 m
2,84 km

Переглянуто 161 раз(и), завантажено 5 раз(и)

біля Massive, Alberta (Canada)

Johnston Canyon hiking to the Lower Falls. (sign says 1/2 mile)

Some says "stroller friendly", so I brought a jogger... DO NOT try it. This is very popular trail in Banff, packed with people from all around world, and they don't know why Canadians strolling up in the mountain. (and they don't have Canadian like manners too, Canadians can wait until a little baby strolling up/down thru the narrow path, but other people can't)


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