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біля  Athabāt, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

Jebel Qada'ah sits centrally in the northern UAE and Mussandam mountains, as a prominent sub-peak on the far end of a north-western ridge line of Jebel Qiwi at 4321' / 1317 meters (source: peakery). It has the 2nd highest prominence of the northern UAE peaks of 921'/278m (est.), however with wadi Bih curving around the northern and western sides, and it's tributary Wadi Sal to the south, it has a huge local prominence from the Jebel Jais range (Jebel Harim Massif) to the north, and the southern peaks of around 4000'/1219m (est.) It is the 10th highest UAE peak (on my none-official list).

Basically it's by itself, with awesome views. Great mountain.

Of 3 routes I have used to get to and from the summit of Jebel Qada'ah, this GPS file approaches from the south and takes the eastern route to the main summit and comes down the south-western wadi. The description below is for the 3rd route, the ascent of this gps track, and the 2nd (descent) route is described separately here:


The Eastern Route: Rated 'Moderate' (Description - Bottom to Top)

Due to this being a round trip with the starting wadi and ending wadi not being too far apart, it only involves 1 car. Parking can be anywhere between waypoints 'bottom of wadi shortcut' and 'trek - start/end - 03'.

From where the track ends at 'trek - start/end - 03' the route goes straight up, in a straight line for a long time. However it is relatively easy going, with stable ground and no big steps/bolders to get over. It is quite hard to scale up how far you have gone and how far away the top of the gulley is, so I have waypointed 'half way up/down the gulley' as a guide. After this point the route became slightly steeper, but nothing particularly difficult. To the left (west) is a col on the ridge line, maybe a possible route over. To the right eventually the wadi heads up to remote farm houses, probably accessed from the northern wadi bih side via other villages. Not too long after this you will get to the saddle, and the top of the slog. From here you can see down into mussandam, the central wadi bih valley, the tighter gorges and the villages and peaks that surround further down and into the UAE.

From the saddle point turn left/west and start scrambling up. The scramble was grade 1 all the way, and wasn't particually challanging. We stuck to the southern side which developed into a sheer drop which curves around the south, west and northern sides of the summit.

At the top the route curves north taken by the greater ridge line to the summit. Along here what appears like a dry stone memorial, tomb or coffin appears on the ridge. Continue a short while after this to reach the slightly taller of the two main peaks of Jebel Qada'ah.

From the peak, if you wan't to take another route down, as I have done here, continue in the same direction (north) past the Jebel Qada'ah minor, before following the instructions in the other route listed here:


This route is the easiest route I have done to summit Jebel Qada'ah, however it is sustained and not an easy stroll, still with around 4000 foot of ascent/descent. From the end of the track (closest possible parking spot to this way up) the route takes around 5 hours, and is 8.5 km in length, just from start to summit. It doesn't have as many stages to it as other routes, or the same variety of features, however the views are stunning, and it is probably the quickest way to get to them.
Bend in the Route - 03
Bend in the Route - 04
Bend in the Route - 06
Half way up/down Gulley
Peak - Minor
Peak - Major
Saddle - Between Peaks
Saddle - Between Wadi Sol and Wadi Bih
Start of Gulley
Start-End of Traverse
Top of Scree Shoot
Track - Start/End - 03
Wadi - Bottom of Scree Slope
White Tree

5 коментарів

  • Фото Matthieu Froment

    Matthieu Froment 24 жовт. 2018

    Hi Ben,
    I'm planning to do your route on trail running mode.. How long do you think it will take ? 4-5hours is it reasonable aggregate ? Will try to follow the route as much as possible. It sounds stunning!
    Thank you!

  • Фото Ben Robbins

    Ben Robbins 24 жовт. 2018

    Hi Matthieu,

    It is varied, The track at the bottom is easy. There is a gully all they way up which for the most part is moderately sized rocks and will be hard going. The top section is good for running but has a 200m/700' ish section down which is scree/boulders. The traverse on the way down has some loose rocky sections, and scree/boulders until your down to the village. then there is a path down to white tree and back to the track.

    I would probably do it backwards if I were to run it, as it's smoother ascent, with the bolder hopping left for the descent.

    It's tricky to give a time estimation, but if you truely ran the whole thing then maybe 5. Personally, the gully ascent and last up section to the top would not see me running at that angle, with those rocks for 90+ minutes!

  • Фото Matthieu Froment

    Matthieu Froment 25 жовт. 2018

    Thanks Ben! Will give it a try on Friday with reverse side and let you know.

  • Фото Matthieu Froment

    Matthieu Froment 26 жовт. 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very technical and engaged Hike but pleasant with nice weather. It’s very rocky, you can’t run, only walk/hike and it is very steep. You must be in very good physical condition. Moreover, I did the trail on Reverse (clock wise) and it was Okay. I would recommend to do the same.
    It took me 4h45 to do the full round.. as per my Garmin it was indicating only 15K but elevation is accurate.

  • Фото Ben Robbins

    Ben Robbins 26 жовт. 2018

    Well done, fast time. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure where 15k comes from. The route here is 20km. Possible the way points have no elevation data and therefore gave different distance spacing.

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