• Фото Hiking Mount Bisoke
  • Фото Hiking Mount Bisoke
  • Фото Hiking Mount Bisoke
  • Фото Hiking Mount Bisoke

Час  5 годин 52 хвилин

Координати 195

Uploaded 27 вересня 2017

Recorded вересня 2017

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3 633 m
2 615 m
8,54 km

Переглянуто 333 раз(и), завантажено 3 раз(и)

біля Gisasa, Intara y’ Amajyaruguru (Rwanda)

that is very nice and refreshing hike
3h up, 2.5h down
gaiters needed and a lot of water
also rain coats in case

3 коментарів

  • rlevelly@gmail.com 12 лип. 2018

    Is it possible/allowed to do this hike without any guides? Do you have to pay for the entrace?

  • kurtdecroix 13 жовт. 2019

    Be careful, not so easy to do!
    Big steps and a lot of mud when it's raining...

  • Фото zyga

    zyga 13 жовт. 2019

    hi rlevelly@gmail.com - it is not allowed by the law and really it is ok with the guide
    btw you DON'T pay for the guide - you just pay park fee
    oh, you can then give some money to guide but it is not obligatory

    and no, it is NOT difficult AT ALL but of course you need to know the path ;-)

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