• Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike
  • Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike
  • Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike
  • Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike
  • Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike
  • Фото Haväng - Simrishamn - Weekend Hike

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біля  Skepparp, Skåne Län (Ruoŧŧa)

This is a perfect getaway hike after a busy week at the office or just as a break in the summer vacation.

The trail follows the marked Skåneleden trail http://en.skaneleden.se/ and is easy to follow. You can either stay at hotels, inns or in your own tent. Be mindful that even if the Swedish Allemansrätten http://www.swedishepa.se/Enjoying-nature/The-Right-of-Public-Access/This-is-allowed/ gives you a ot of opportunity to put up your tent there are some restrictions along this trail especially in the Stenshuvud National Park and in hte Nature Reserves.

1. Start in Haväng. You can park your car at the Nature Reserve parking. There is a very nice STF Hostel http://www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/en/ or just put up you tent at the Ravlunda Military Exercise Area. Keep an eye out for the signs and posts regarding shooting atwww.forsvarsmakten.se/sv/organisation/sodra-skanska-regementet-p-7/skjutfalt-och-avlysningar-sodra-skanska/. No training during the summer.
2. After a nice breakfast at the hostel you start walking southbound along the beach towards Kivik.
3. In Kivik there is a very nice restaurant at the beach/harbour serving fresh fish. Water is available in the harbour and there is a small ICA supermarket 5 minutes walk from the restaurant.
4. After lunch Skåneleden continues along the tarmac road towards Stenshuvud National Park. You will pass an old stone ship/ship tumul and the Kivik grave and the Kivik Musteri where you can buy local produced apple juice etc.
5. At the top of Stenshuvud you have a magnificent view of the next leg of the trail (se picture).
6. Water, ice cream and snacks are available at the south entrance to the park. This is the place to fill your water bottles for the night.
7. You might leave the trail and walk to the beach for a overnight stay. You might see old markings from the time when Skåneleden followed along the beach.
8. Put up you tent at the beach or on the hill side next to it. You can use the toilet and the waste bins at the beach parking lot just down the beach. It is very convenient.
9. Start the morning with a morning swim. Hanöbukten is infamous for its cold water often not more than 16 degrees in the summer.
10. The golf restaurant is the only option for lunch if you do not cook your own food.
11. Top up with an ice cream in the harbour of the small villige of Vik.
12. The rest of the trail to Simrishamn is along the shore line and there are plenty of opportunities for a swim.
13. In Simrishamn you pass the large Caravan Camping on your way to the city center to the hotel or the bus back to Haväng www.skanetrafiken.se/ search for Ravlunda Kyrka which is the bus stop closest to the road which leads to your car, parked at the Hostel at Haväng.

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    A view from Stenshuvud

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