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біля  Calacala, Cochabamba (Bolivia)

This is a hike for a full day. Simple, beautiful, of moderate challenge.
Start at 6:30 am, go to the Stadium on Libertador Ave. Take Trufi 109 with a blue background. (There is a 109 that goes somewhere else and it has a red background)
Go to the final stop, pay Bs. 2.
Take the first road to the right if you are looking at the mountain. Go one block and there are three annoying dogs you need to pass. Do not show any fear.
Turn left go past two houses and you’ll find a path on your right. It looks like a private property but no one seems to care. Follow the path and you’ll find the Park main entrance after a small football field. Find the cobblestone road and on your right you’ll see a foes steps. These are found all over the route and the are shortcuts to the main road.
There is a detour I chose as it leads to a waterfall. Follow the track until you find a km. 8 sign. Go past it to the next curve find the path on the right and go down following the path to a small waterfall. Enjoy the break.
Go back to the main road and follow it up the hill until you fin the stairs to another shortcut. You’ll fin a lovely picnic table where you can rest, eat, relax.
Keep following the route. At one point the path will be lost. Try to go down. We took the hard way and it was challenging and steep. We found the path eventually but it was hard. After we crossed the tiny stream to go to the other mountain we could see the path was below where it ended in the first place.
Take the path that starts after the small stream and follow it útil you find the road to start going down.
Take that road and follow the track. Until you reach the end. You’ll end up on a Trufi final stop. Take Trufi 36. It will take you back to the stadium.
The whole route takes about 8 hours with breaks and time to take pictures. It is really lovely.


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