124 m
18 m
11,47 km

Переглянуто 206 раз(и), завантажено 4 раз(и)

біля  Vorburg, Schleswig-Holstein (Deutschland)

This loop route starts and ends at the Trittau Vorburgstraße bus stop. It is done 90% in the woods shadow so in not hot days you may need a jacket or windstopper. Some points can be problematic because of the lack of a defined path, but the waypoints should help on that.
To the left in a path just after the parking lot.
It is easy to miss the crossing path. Turn right
Follow the path that goes to the right just 15 meters after turning left in the road.
Left in the detour, following the main road.
Turn to the left in the steep track.
After climbing the tower to have a nice panoramic view, continue the track straight on.
Turn to the left in the path beyond the barrier.
Cross the dam and turn to the left. There is no track or path for abour 50 meters. The next waypoint indicate the point to cross a creek.
Cross the creek here.
Join the road and then take the detour to the right 30 meters later.
It is really easy to miss the entrance to this path, especially in Summer where the delse foliage obscure the track. In the detour there are three ways. Take the left one.
You can go up to here to have a view of the lake, but go back 15 meters to take the way to the right.


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