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біля Koumariés, Crete (Greece)

This is a nice short tour that can be done in teh vicinity of Chania. It offers a striking amount of attractions in a very short space.
The start of the present trail is at the blessed monastery of Agia Triada, one of the most peaceful places that one can imagine. An asphalted road in the gorge leads up to the Governetto Monatery, located not far from the saddle where the path down to the sea starts. While hiking down the first meeting is with the very original Panagia Arkoudiotissa, build in a cave. Some switchbacks leave down the the incredible Katholikon, an abandoned monastery in a totally wild place. There are place for hermits, and indeed in the vicinity there is a Cave of the Hermit John. Walking in the middle of the gorge one reaches the sea at a wonderful fjord.

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Agia Triada Tsagarolou

One of the most striking monasteries of Crete, together with Toplou and Preveli.

Fork to airport

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The photos illustrate a curiosity. In 2011, after landing in Crete, I had hidden the box of the bicycle just in case I would need it. This was done in a little cave visible up from the road of Parofarago. Four years later, the box was no longer in the cave, but little below... It could still be used, in an emergency! At that time, I had the new box. So one photo shows the bicycle with two boxes. The one that I am going to throw into the rubbish, and the one that I am going to leave at Agia Triada.
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I never found the monastery open to visitors.
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Start of the footpath.
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Panagia Arkoudiotissa

An incredible place
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They lead down to the Katholikon. Their top is the most valuable viewpoint.

Cave of the Hermit John

Find it on the left while descending the last steps to the Katholikon.
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The most striking place, also for its architecture, although maybe you will like the Panagia Arkoudiotissa even more.


A sturdy bridge is located right below the Katolikon.
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Gorge to the sea

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I do not know what this was.
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