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біля Karavé, Crete (Greece)

Moving time : 12,5 - 13,5h
Distance (measured with GPS device): 46 kms
Elevation: 1151m

The trail starts and ends at Karaves, the small port of Gavdos, to cross almost every beach of the island:
Karaves-->Agioi Pateres-->Korfos-->Lakoudi-->Tripiti-->Vatsiana-->Kastri-->Fanari (Faros)-->Ampelos-->Potamos-->Pirgos-->Lavrakas-->Agios Ioannis-->Sarakiniko-->Karaves.

One can find Markets/Taverns to buy the basics on the following places:
Vatsiana (Niko's and Effie's tavern at the opposite of the church)
Kastri (Rakopagida tou Strati and others)
Fanari (Faros) at the lighthouse (closed noon time)
Agios Ioannis
Sarakiniko (Thoma's tavern and others)
Be careful not to run out of water cause that will be a problem. On some beaches like Tripiti and Potamos, there are small boats that come and go (private or touristic). Perhaps you could ask them if they can spare a bottle or arrange with them in advance to bring you some bottles of water in case you do not want to carry them along the way.

The trail starts from the tavern of Vagelio at the center of the port. It follows the road until the town hall (ΔΗΜΑΡΧΕΙΟ) and then continues along the bushes until you encounter a small plate "Άγιοι Πατέρες" that directs you to a small rural road on the left. Following this road you will reach at Korfos beach (there is a tavern with WC and a shower). From there starts a path that goes to Tripiti beach. We followed this path and left it after 30-40 mins to visit Lakoudi beach. Reaching from the north there are small steps that direct you to a beautiful beach with crystal waters and very interesting stones at the bottom of the sea. There are trees that provide shadow and camping sites.
Leaving the beach we hiked on the slope that is on the left. It is not very steep but it is tiring to go up (about 10 minutes finding the way up among the vegetation).
When you reach up, there is trail that goes to the left. We followed it for a while and then make a turn on the right to go to Tripiti beach, the northest point of Europe. This one is, for me, the most beautiful place of the island. Amazing sea bottom, really interesting landscape (with the drained lake, the holes between the rocks and the small rocky islets) a feeling like you are isolated on a forgotten corner of the earth.
We spend the night under a group of trees and in the morning we departed following the coastline from the chair to the western part of the island. After 20 mins we found the trail that leads to Vatsiana but we left it after a while to make a short cut and avoid the heat of the road. The distance we covered was about 7-8 kms. At Vatsiana we met Nikos and Effie with their children (the southernmost children of Europe), really friendly family, that provided us cool water and directions to reach to Kastri.
From Vatsiana we followed the road to Kastri (4 kms), to buy some more water and take the path to Ampelos (it starts right in front of a tavern named "ΡΑΚΟΠΑΓΙΔΑ ΤΟΥ ΣΤΡΑΤΗ" (Rakopagida tou Strati). This path is very beautiful crossing a pine forest that provides shadow (necessary cause we are moving uphill...). After 35-45 mins we make a turn left inside the forest to reach at Fanari (Faros). There is a cafeteria (Καφενείο) right in front of the old, but well preserved lighthouse. We left the lighthouse to reach at Ampelos after 15 mins. There one can follow the path that leads to the beaches of Mpo and Potamos. The path to Potamos beach is interesting and the landscape is breathtaking. The distance is something more than 2 kms (and not 1650m as the sign informs you). The long beach of golden sand, the small cedar forest in the middle, the two canyons and the surrounding rocky mountains of clay are enough reasons for one to visit this point of the island. There are many camping sites and except from swimming, one can wander around exploring the landscape inside the gorges. We camped there for the night, enjoying the first full moon of the summer...
The next day we ascend the road back to Ampelos having on the left the wonderful white rocks. Few hundred meters after the junction for the beach of Mpo we turned left to pass through a dry farmland and downhill to cross a torrent (without water) and go to the opposite side. Possibly one can reach at the same point by crossing the left (from the two) gorge that starts from Potamos beach (23,6th km as it appears on the wikiloc trail.Wwe didn't try it due to lack of time). From there we walked through a pine tree forest until we reached the end of the gorge from above. The landscape is wild and beautiful with Gavdopoula and Lefka Ori at the background. We continued till we arrived to the small chapel of Agios Georgios to find a lovely trail that ends at Lavrakas beach. We followed the trail for 25-30 minutes and then make a left turn to cross another cedar forest above the beach of Pirgos. There are wooden stakes that lead directly to the beach...
This one is rocky but you can walk or swim to the left (about 250m) where there is a sandy beach. What is even more interesting than the wild landscape is the bottom of the sea. It changes every 10 - 20m, especially if you chose to swim north towards Stravolimni beach, from brown and yellow to a sapphire blue. For me, together with Tripiti and Potamos beach, Pirgos is the third point you shouldn't miss if you visit Gavdos...
After a brake of 1,5h we took the path that passes Stravolimni beach, crosses Lavrakas and ends at Ai Giannis. Approximate time: 45 mins. You meet many beautiful, smaller beaches along the way, even though walking on sand is a bit tiring. From Ai Giannis beach you have to walk about 10 mins inside cedar trees to reach at the Taverns and from there about half an hour to find the path that takes you to Sarakiniko beach, a long, tropical sandy beach. We spent two hours there to swim and eat local specialties at Thomas (every plate was delicious).
The path to Karaves starts at the end of the beach and you need about 30 mins to arrive at Karaves.

Tavern - Market at Karaves

One can find food and buy the basics from the market near by. On peut trouver de la nourriture et acheter les bases du marché à proximité. Uno puede encontrar comida y comprar lo básico del cercano mercado.

Korfos beach / Παραλία Κόρφος

There is a tavern where you can find the basics, shower and WC. A small pine tree and cedar tree forest provide several camping sites. Il y a une taverne où vous pouvez trouver les bases, douche et WC. Une petite forêt de pins et de cèdre fournir plusieurs sites de camping. Hay una taberna donde se puede encontrar el básico, ducha y WC. Un pequeño bosque de pinos y cedros proporcionan varios sitios de camping.
Archaeological site

Minoan Graves

Ancient graves from the Minoan period. Tombes antiques de l'époque minoenne. Antiguas tumbas de la época minoica.

Tables under Pine trees

Picnic place...

Lakoudi beach / Παραλία Λακούδι

Crystal clear waters. Small steps on the north part of the beach guide you to the sea. Beautiful stones inside the sea and strange rocks on the outside. There are few camping sites along the beach. Les eaux cristallines. Les petits pas sur la partie nord de la plage vous guider vers la mer. Belles pierres à l'intérieur de la mer et les étranges rochers à l'extérieur. Il y a quelques sites de camping le long de la plage. Aguas cristalinas. Pequeños pasos en la parte norte de la playa se orientan hacia el mar. Piedras hermosas adentro Mar y rocas extrañas en el exterior. Hay pocos sitios para acampar a lo largo de la playa.

Aliki / Αλυκή

Aliki is a small lake (dry during summer) just before the beach of Tripiti. Aliki est un petit lac (à sec pendant l'été) juste avant la plage de Tripiti. Aliki es un pequeño lago (seco durante el verano) justo antes de la playa de Tripiti.

Tripiti beach/ Παραλία Τρυπητής Paradise I...

Amazing landscape at the southernmost point of Europe...

Sunset at Aliki

Aliki lake right after the sun dived at the sea.

The chair - Southern point of Europe / Η καρέκλα (Νοτιότερο σημείο της Ευρώπης)

Southern point of Europe



Lighthouse at Fanari/Φάρος στο Φανάρι


Potamos beach / Παραλία Ποταμός

Potamos beach

Dropping water

A small handmade mechanism that guides (drinkable) water from the rock inside a tube. Un petit mécanisme à la main qui guide l'eau (potable) à partir de la roche à l'intérieur d'un tube. Un pequeño dispositivo de mano que guía el agua (potable) de la roca en el interior de un tubo.

Chapel of Agios Georgios (Ai Georgis) / Άη Γιώργης

Follow the path right after the Chapel to enter the trail that lead to Lavrakas beach.

Cedar Forest I / Κεδροδάσος I

Beautifil Cedar trees, with trunks like sculptures carved by the hand of nature...

Paradise II - Pirgos beach / Παραλία Πύργος

Amazing sea bottom. Swim both directions, especially towards Stravolimni beach to experience a view of the sea bottom like the ones you see in documentaries...

Stravolimni beach / Παραλία Στραβόλιμνης

A beach with sand, rocks and cedar trees that has also a very interesting sea bottom.

Lavrakas beach / Παραλία Λαυρακά

Entire coastline has beautiful small rocky coves with crystal clear waters.

Agios Ioannis beach (Ai Giannis) / Παραλία Αη Γιάννη

A long sandy beach with crystal waters. A bit crowded and noisy comparing to other, more isolated, beaches of Gavdos.

Cedar Forest II / Κεδροδάσος II

Next to Ai Giannis beach, just before one reaches the taverns.

Tavern - Market at Ai Giannis beach

There are three taverns. You can eat and buy the basics.

Sarakiniko beach / Παραλία Σαρακίνικο

A long beach with white sand and crystal clear water...

Tavern - Market at Sarakiniko beach

We ate at Thoma's tavern in front of the beach. Tried some local (Cretan) specialties. They were all gr-eat!

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    Gavdos is a magical and amazing place. Regarding this trail, when going to Potamos to Pyrgos, don´t try to take the shortcut suggested here; I wasted one hour trying to find the way but there was a fence blocking it and dense vegetation. Faster to go back to Ambelos and take the start of the path there or take the path from the end of the second beach at Potamos which is the real shortcut.

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