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біля Casas las Escarihuelas, Murcia (España)

This really is a fantastic walk.

The first part of the walk takes you through quite open countryside alongside two peaks, the Morra Alta(218m.) and the Pico de la Peladilla.(253m.) The track is sometimes quite steep and will take you to a col of about 380 metres.

From there a track turns to the left to a next col of about 440metres. From here one could also follow a track right across the peak of la Muela (548m.), but we chose for a track around the peak, a very beautiful track providing you with superb views on the cape with the 'baterias' de Castillitis and Jorel and the whole bay.as well as the Cabezo Colorado and the Cabezo de la Aguja.

From the moment that another track comes from the right, coming up from the GR 92, you will get views on the harbour of Cartagena and a little later, arriving at a big open space you will have another grand view, both to the north and the south.

After this we went to the broad dirt road that comes up from El Portus and stops right under the top of La Muela.

The walk down along this road is wonderful, walking for a great part in the shadow of the mountain while enjoying the immense view.

A very, very beautiful walk.

Parking place


View back to the peak Roldan


View Penas Blancas and Sierra Espuna


View to La Bateria de Castillitos


View Cala Salitrona


View Roldan and Cartagena

Cartagena Monte Roldan Baterias north and south

View El Portus


View of the plains

Here a narrow track goes down to El Portus to trhe right.


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