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біля  Elora, Ontàrio (Canada)

This is a urban walk through the town of Elora combined with a hike along side the gorge and one of its tributaries (Irvine Creek). The gorge has several nice vistas and the path winds through a stand of cedars just after passing through the heart of the town. Parking is available at the start (and finish) point as well as on a few streets nearby.

The trail leads to the top of a set of stairs (marked as waypoint stairs) and we descended 50 feet to the rivers edge. As with the Elora Gorge trail (see Wikiloc entry) the river over the years has carved through the rock and limestone and created impressive walls (complete with crevices, caves and pock marks) on either side of the river.

We followed along the shore line, passed 50-60 below the David Street bridge and continued for a hundred meters more until the trail diminished/disappeared. At this point we chose to turn back (rather than climb a loose rock face, still slippery from the spring run off and with some ice and snow in spots). We retraced our steps to the set of stairs, climbed them and did the same hike but this time along the top of the gorges edge. We crossed David Street at street level and came to almost the same point where we had turned back 20 minutes earlier. I estimate about 10-15 feet of climbing was required but this would turn the hike from moderate to difficult (and risky). There was some fencing in place between the upper and lower sections but I think it would be possible to complete the loop (the risk is yours). Maxini noted it would be a lot easier to climb up the edge than descend it. I would recommend hiking as far as you feel comfortable and then retrace your footsteps as we did.

Saw quite a few people, some wildlife (mostly birds) and a few kayakers challenging the rushing waters of the Grand River. Posted plaques contributed some history while Tooth of Time and Lover's Leap added some charm. It was a nice hike, short but quite varied, from the boutique shops of Elora town, past buildings from a bygone era through to a section with some challenge (and some risk).

Make sure you hike safely!
Main bridge in to the downtown area (Metcalf Street, Road 21).
For the adventurous you can go down to waters edge and hike along the side of the river.


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