• Фото Duksfjord ViewPoint
  • Фото Duksfjord ViewPoint
  • Фото Duksfjord ViewPoint

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Uploaded 16 липня 2015

Recorded липня 2015

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352 m
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4,39 km

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біля Skarsvåg, Finnmark Fylke (Norge)

I don't like crowded spots so I just needed a "solo walk"... Maybe someone will like it too. Easy to follow path, its marked by quad ruts almost until you see the fjord (1st picture). It's possile also to go around the lake and back to Nordkapp Caravan & Camping campsite or Skarsvag town, more or less 9km both destinations. And from the mountain hill (1st picture), where you can see for first time Duksfjord it easy to go down to the beach. There is a easy way to get there coming from the road at your right, the path is quite clear from that point, around 8km one way. I was trying to see how easy or difficult was to get to Opnanvattnet lake but my knee was not working quite well that day... :-(
The last 100 meters are not difficult but many loose stones...
Have fun!!
Non-offcial parking but I saw 2 norwegian car's parked here...

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  • moni1206 20 лип. 2019

    I have followed this trail  перевірено  View more

    Thanks a lot for your rute, the sightseen it's marvelous. As you said, it's a quiet path, there wasn't anybody, only some reindeers. I Aldo would like get to Opnanvanet, but a storm started and se must come back. Thank you for your suggestion.

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