• Фото Débouché Valley Walk
  • Фото Débouché Valley Walk
  • Фото Débouché Valley Walk
  • Фото Débouché Valley Walk
  • Фото Débouché Valley Walk
  • Фото Débouché Valley Walk

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біля La Source, Ouest (Ayiti)

This is a great walk in the valley between the 2 small towns of Débouché and Boucambour.

Please note that the track is shown here counter-clockwise, but it's recommended to hike it in clockwise direction to avoid the steep climb at the end.

As there is a part where you may need to wade through a small river, it's highly recommended to bring sandals or other additional shoes that can get wet.

It has been marked as "Difficult" as a lot of the track is quite steep and is therefore not recommended during the rainy season as the red clay will be quite slippery.

From the starting point, the track follows the road, but in the next town, the descent will start. Keep an eye on the GPS as there are many tracks. You can always deviate, but if you take a wrong track, you might end up on an other part of the mountain. It may still be very nice, but in that case, this trail will not help you much.

Once you leave the houses behind and starting to descent into the valley, you may notice a few waterfalls on your left hand side. You hear them before you see them. This track will not bring you close to the waterfalls, but you do get a good view of them, from a distance.

The trail snakes down passing by houses, gardens, fields, trees etc etc until you eventually get to the narrow valley. The people that live around here have been very industrious and create fields to grow watercress and some of other fruits and vegetables.

Through the valley itself, there are not dry tracks, so you either have the option to find a dry track on the left side of the valley, or put on some sandals and wade through the small river for approximately 500 meters. Based on our experience, this is probably the best solution. See the indicated way points for the starting and end point of the wet track.

Once you pass the valley, a steep track up will start. Take your time and mind your step. The path will snake up the mountain for quite some time until you get to almost the top. Here you will find a surprisingly long land bridge that will take you over to the side of Boucambour. Follow the indicated track first going up and later going down for a while. Once you pass the village, there is a track leading up the side of the mountain. As there are a few tracks, make sure you got the right one.

After quite some sweat, you will eventually get back on the road where you've parked the car.

Start point

Park the car around this location to start the track

End Wet Track

From this point, you can on your hiking boots again as the track will be dry (and steep)

Start Wet Track

From this point you may to put on some sandals to track through the river. Don't walk over the watercress and it's an important food for the people that live here.

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  • aurelaf 11 квіт. 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    We did it in 5h30 with 30min lunch. There is a lot of tracks so we needed to check regularly the GPS. Also there is a lots of local people on this trail. The elevation profil matches an non-clockwise cyclic trail. We did it clockwise, and it was ok, because of the direction of start and end of the wet area. Last but not least, it is not Bebouche but Débouché and Boucambour not Becambour ;-)

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