202 m
-2 m
36,28 km

Переглянуто 775 раз(и), завантажено 14 раз(и)

біля Riverhead, Newfoundland (Canada)

A very old route that follows a former cart trail from Route 90 just south of the community of Riverhead (St. Mary's Harbour) to the community of Daniel's Point (Trepassey Harbor) via the south-west corner of the Avalon Wilderness Reserve. Features are the river ford at Holyrood Pond / Crossing Place, the beautiful camping area at the half-way-point / confluence of Peter's River and Beaver Pond River and the hike following Northwest Brook.

The route leads through bog, marsh, rivers, tuckamore, barrens and forests. There are two large river fords. In the wooded areas, the old track that was supposedly previously used to deliver mail by horseback across the peninsula is overgrown badly and very difficult to follow, particularly in the descent along Northwest Brook.

This is a wilderness route. No markings, no cutting, no development exists. Navigation aids required. All necessary precautions need to be taken while hiking this area.

At 12.3km this track turns east to avoid a river. Best to go west @ this point to stick closer to the traditional route (as can be clearly seen on satellite imagery). This track does not get back on route for a few kilometers after this point. That was a mistake.

An Entry Permit is required to enter the Avalon Wilderness Reserve, available at no cost from the Gov. of NL.


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