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біля Achéleia, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

This is the first section of the E4 European Long Distance Walk across Cyprus, covering the western end. It starts from Pafos airport and ends at the village of Lysos. Leaving the airport the path briefly enters the Timi park, before following the coast close to the airport fence. Then it heads up a valley, a paddle up a stream is required at one point, to the village of Episkopi and the abandoned village of Moro Nero. A walk over a series of hills follows, through a new settlement of expensive houses with a large golf course, and passing close to older villages such as Tsada that are worth a detour. After the town of Peyia, the E4 follows the coast around the Akamas Peninsula on gravel roads to the Bath of Aphrodite, then turns back on itself to climb the mountains in the centre of the peninsula to reach Drousia. Finally it crosses the lowlands separating the the Akamas peninsula mountains from the foothills of the Troodos mountains, again bypassing villages such as Goudi and Steni that reward a visit, if only for a coffee. This section of the track ends at the village of Lysos.
I have walked this route and believe it close to where the E4 was intended to go, it follows the yellow and black, diamond shaped E4 waymarks, but it may deviate in the ocasional place. More details can be found in my blog . The next section of the E4 can be found here

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Bath of Aphrodite

A small secluded pool where the goddess of love Aphrodite is said to have bathed. There is a nature trail around it and a few stalls selling ice cream etc..

Fire watch tower

A little off the E4 there is a fire watch tower at the summit of a hill, with good views.
Archaeological site

Kato Paphos Archaeological Site

Although not on the E4, a diversion to this world class site is recommended for its high quality Roman mosaics

Moro Nero abandoned village

This village has been abandoned. A ruined church and a few walls remain.

Lara Bay Snack bar with camping

Lara bay is a beach on the Akamas peninsula where turtles come to breed. While camping is not permitted on the peninsula the snack bar has a small area where you can camp.

Timi forest

A small area of "forest" close to the airport with a picnic site


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