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біля Tráchilos, Crete (Greece)

The official route of the E4 European Long Distance Walk in Crete from Kissamos to Chrisoskalitisa is along tarmac roads, some quite busy. The attached is an alternate route on paths, tracks and quiet roads. Starting from the ferry terminal where I arrived from Gythio in the Peloponnese where the E4 continues, the route goes to the town of Kissamos. From there it travels up a quiet tarmac road to Polyrinia where the ancient ruins are worth a visit. In addition to the Venetian arches and city walls, the flowers were beautiful and the views impressive.
After Polyrinia a path takes you up the Sirikari gorge, after which a road and tracks climb up to the wind farm at the pass. Coming down from the pass, opening and closing some rudimentary "gates" made of rebar you enventually reach the village of Berpathiana where there are tavernas and accommodation. From here you can visit the Kambos gorge if you wish, however the onward route follows the small coastal road through the village of Livadhia joining the busy main road shortly before Chrisoskalitisa with its famous monastery.

Alternative route up a track

I missed the track on the right that can be taken to avoid a bit of tarmac
Archaeological site

Ancient remains of Polyrinia

There are a range of archeological remains from classical times through to the Byzantine and Venetian times. Shortly after entering the village there is an information point that was serving coffee and cake when I was there, with a very informative lady. In adddition to the ruins the flowers and views from the hill are well worth the visit.

Entrance to Kabou gorge

A 7 kilometre detour at this point will allow you to visit the Kabou gorge

Ferry to and from Gythio, Peloponnese

I caught the once a week ferry from Gythio in the Peloponnese where the E4 continues across mainland Greece
Сакральна архітектура

Chrysoskalítissas Monastery

This is the Golden Monastery which is open to the public and has a long history. Look out for the Golden step!

Old Bridge and start of Sirikari Gorge

An old stone, packhorse bridge is at the start of the Sirikari gorge. There is a good path up this scenic gorge.


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