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біля Beniarrés, Valencia (España)

From the car we walked a narrow road going down to the Embalse de Beniarres through magnificently laid out olive groves.

Shortly after reaching the reservoir you will come upon a viewpoint along it, a place where one could also easily park their car.

After passing the dam we took the first narrow road to the left which will lead you down towards the river and which will give you nice views into the wide valley in which L'Orxa is situated.

Reaching a pond with a small lodge at the other side of it , the river disappears into the Barranc de LEncarta (gorge) here and we took a narrow track from 280 to 330 metres to a majestic cove that overlooks the whole gorge. An enormously steep precipice rises up above the cove to a height lightly over 400 metres..

We took the track back to the pond and walked a little further back to a track that goes to the river D'Alcoi o Serpis to a place where we could cross the river and walk back alongside the other side of the river.

However, there was far to much high water to cross it so we retraced our steps back to the dam again and crossed the river there.

Next we followed a lovely raod with beautiful views through the olive groves back to Beniarres.

Parking places


View embalse de Beniarres


Paratge natural Barranc de

L' Encantada



Barranc de L'Encarta




Too much water to cross


View to gorge of Barranc de L'Encarta


View Beniarres


View Lorcha

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  • Фото emilio.romerogarcia

    emilio.romerogarcia 17 лют. 2019

    I have followed this trail  перевірено  View more

    Dejando al márgen la belleza del embalse, el esplendor de la mole del Benicadell en la lejanía, y la cueva, el resto no ofrece atractivo alguno, transcurriendo prácticamente todo el recorrido por asfalto (salvo quizás unos 2 km., siendo generoso, de tierra).

  • Фото J. Javier Belmonte

    J. Javier Belmonte 4 бер. 2019

    I have followed this trail  перевірено  View more

    Hemos seguido la ruta, con alguna variación. Un entorno natural privilegiado.

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