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2 750 m
1 995 m
15,96 km

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біля Hank’avan, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Interesting and panoramic hike along a beautiful valley in Hankavan. Just after entering to the village of Hankavan, we take an unpaved road to the right that leads into the valley, parallel to the river. The road is in good condition and a 4WD car is not strictly necessary. In our case, we leave the car in a junction some 2 km from Hankavan. The main road goes further into the biggest valley (maybe a good start to climb Maymekh,3.081m). We take the secondary road after crossing the river. The first part of the trek just follows the path along the valley crossing streams, pretty flat until we reach the confluene of two valleys. Instead of following any of them, we climb the ridge that separates them. It is hard and steep, without a clear path until the top of the ridge. Once there, we have a good view of the surroundings and we keep on climbing the obvious ridge direction NW. We turn back in a round summit that is close to Mt. Davasar (2.861 m) crowned with a curious stone formation (to be visited some other day). For the way back we change the valley and follow a wide ridge between the one we have ascended and Mt Maymekh. In the middle we find the remainings of a muslim cemetery with lots of gravestones (couldn't find any information about its origin). We follow the way down along the ridge, passing beside a massive starange shaped rock and what look like the remainings of an old fortress.

big rock Hankavan

ruins of some sort of fortress (?) together with a nice rock on top of the ridge

Mt Davasar (Devetash) 2.861 m

Mt Davasar (Devetash) 2.861 m

Mt. Debakhli (?) 2.821 m


Mt. Maymekh (3.081 m)

Сакральна архітектура

muslim cemetery Hankavan

couldn't find any explanation or reference about this...

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    danidomingovitx 18 лип. 2014

    Mt. Davasar on the right, with its characteristic rock on top. Aragats at the end, on the center. https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-outdoor/trek-near-hankavan-7316100#wp-7316102/photo-4158161

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