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біля Anissarás, Crete (Greece)

I tried to find some roundtrip from Anissras without using a taxi or a car. First, you have to go through some less nice parts of Anissaras. As you can see, I had some trouble finding the way to the beach of Analipsi but finally succeeded. Then you have to walk along the beach where there is one bar next to another. Also, it is very difficult to make your way from the beach to the beginning of the gorge, but then it becomes wonderful. So it probably makes sense to start at the road EO90 and just make a hiking tour through the gorge. There are beautiful rocks and nice colours and odours. You won't probably meet anybody but you will see nice flours and interesting animals. However, I cannot recommend the later part between the tavern and Hersonissos. I came close a waste disposal site, had to cross many fences and to go without a trail. There were some nice views but that was about all. The walk from Hersonissos to Anissaras is very a very nice walking tour.


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