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біля Iakanga, Haute Matsiatra (Repoblikan’i Madagasikara)

A three-day trek through the Andingitra mountain range. You can leave your car at the National Park entrance, where you also pay the entrance fee and for the guide. The first day is first rising to Andoharian Plateau (about 1200 meters on altitude) and then traverse Adrianopotsy primitive camp site. The next day begins early in the morning with a ascent to Pic Boby (600 m on altitude), and after returning to the camp Andrianopotsy you descend to the village of Ambalamarina. On the third day, you follow Diavolama trail, rises back to the saddle on the outskirts of Andoharian Plateau, then descends the same way to enter the park.

Waterfall camp

Primitive campsite close to the river with nice view to the waterfalls. You need your own tents.

Ambalamarina Campsite

Primitive campsite close the river. There is a small shelter, but you need your own tents.

Cross Diavolana


Park entrance

There is a small car park for two cars, behind this point is not possible to go by car. You have to pay entrance fee, guide is mandatory.

Pic Boby summit

Second highest Madagascar summit (2 658 m). From the nearest camp Adrianopotsy you need approximately 3 hours, 600 m on altitude.

Camp Adriampotsy

Basecamp for climbing to the Pic Boby summit. Primitove camp site with waterand small shelter, often use by the guides. You need your own tent. For ascent to Pic Boby you need approximately 3 hours.


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