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біля Loreglia, Piemonte (Italia)

Quite strenuous hike (but not technically difficult) to the summit of Monte Massone (2161 m), starting at Alpe Quaggione (1154 m). Hike with excellent views of Lago d’Orta, Lago Maggiore, Mottarone, the Alpi Pennini and Lepontini and the Monte Rosa massif. The hike is largely on steep treeless grassland, with some stretches in the woods near Alpe Quaggione and in the valley of Rio Bagnone. Apart from some short stretches on asphalt at the start end at the end, you walk on clearly visible mountain paths which do require constant attention as to where you put your feet. You will find nothing to eat or drink during the hike apart from Locanda Alpe Quaggione near the start. I did not see any other hikers on this beautiful day in the middle of the summer. Hiking times: Alpe Quaggione-Poggio Croce 2h00; Poggio Croce-la Bocchetta 1h40; la Bocchetta-Monte Massone 0h40; Monte Massone-Alpe Bagnone 1h55; Alpe Bagnone-Alpe Morello 0h50; Alpe Morello-Alpe Quaggione 0h50.
The hike starts in Alpe Quaggione at a small parking. From here you walk past the Locanda Alpe Quaggione where you have great views of the valley and Lago Maggiore. You continue to a chapel on small tracks. A bit further you get to the end of the village and follow the sign to Monte Massone on a small track. Keep Monte Zuccaro to your left. You descend to a saddle point with a nice view towards Monte Massone, walk through some woods until you get to the edge of grassland. Here you steeply ascend on a series of mountain ridges, first to Monte Cerano, and then to Poggio Croce. On both summits there is a cross, and at Monte Cerrano (1701 m) also a stone monument. Between the summits you shortly descend, and after Poggio Croce (1759 m) you lose about 170 meters of altitude until you get to the saddle point Bocchetta di Bagnone (1589 m). From here you ascend to la Bocchetta on the mountain ridge. A serpentine track takes you up beneath Eyehorn, and then cuts across to the summit of Monte Massone, which is also adorned with a cross. The views are great towards Monte Rosa. After enjoying a well-earned break you descend steeply for 1.5 hours on a path on a rounded ridge south of the Rio Bagnone valley until you get down to the woods. Here the path turns left down to the Rio Bagnone, crosses it, and takes you to Alpe Bagnone (watch the dogs). Here, you have done most of your descent, and you continue on a path through the woods following the valley until you get to the hamlet Alpe Morello. Here the path turns into an unpaved road and a bit later into an asphalt road which takes you back to Alpe Quaggione for the last 3.7 km.
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Alpe Bagnone

Farm with goats on a meadow above Rio Bagnone. Watch the dogs!
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Alpe Morello

Hamlet at the end of the road from Alpe Quaggione
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Asphalt road

Here the asphalt road starts that takes you back to Alpe Quaggione
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Bocchetta di Bagnone

Saddle point above Alpe Bagnone. Altitude 1589 m
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End of woods

Here you exit the woods and start climbing the steep mountain ridge across grassland
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La Bocchetta

A crossroads of paths. Here you start the last stretch to Monte Massone on a serpentine path. Altitude 1904 m
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Località Alpe Quaggione

Here you find the only place to eat and drink something, close to the start. Just in front of Locanda Alpe Quaggione the view of the valley is great.
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Modern Chapel

Modern Chapel

Monte Cerano

You will find a cross here and a stone pyramid-like monument. Altitude 1701 m

Monte Massone

Summit of Monte Massone, adorned with a big cross. Altitude 2161 m
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Path to Monte Massone

Here you leave the asphalt road at the end of Alpe Quaggione and follow track Z2 towards Monte Massone

Poggio Croce

Peak with great views is adorned with a cross. Altitude 1759 m

Track bifurcation below Monte Massone

Here the track bifurcates. Keep to the left and follow the ridge on the south side of the Rio Bagnone valley.

Track bifurcation near Alpe Nuova

Here the track bifurcates near Alpe Nuova. Continue to follow the ridge on the south side of the Rio Bagnone valley until you get to the forest.
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Here the path enters the forest. Keep to the left and descend to Rio Bagnone
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Woods in Rio Bagnone Valley

A short while after Alpe Bagnone the path enters the woods in the valley of Rio Bagnone. You stay in the woods until you get to Alpe Morello.


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