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Uploaded 13 лютого 2012

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7,98 km

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біля  San Antonio, Jalisco (Mexico)

This track, 8km, connects 2 popular trails to the top of the Mountain (8000 ‘) above Ajijic. The trail can be hiked in either direction. The Chupanaya Trail (TRLHD INDCERM) is more difficult than the 3 Cross’s Trail (TRLHD SHRN).
The Trail Starts at “TRLHD INDCERM” This is also the trail to the Indian Ceremonial Grounds, although this route bypasses the Indian ceremonial Grounds. Follow the trail to the top of Chupanaya “CHUPA TOP” 8000’. We usually have lunch here and enjoy the view. Then follow the trail down to the “Grotto” this a shrine for the, Lady of Guadalupe, and is visited regularly by the locals, continue along the top of the ridge to the “3cross” Waypoint. Start down the 3 Cross’s Trail to the “SADDLE” continues to the “SHRINE”, which is the 14th Station of the Cross. Follow the trail down past the Stations of the Cross to the “TRLHDSHRN”. This Trail can also be done in the reverse direction.
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  • Фото biotricion

    biotricion 12 січ. 2013

    good trial, i´ll try to run it in a couple weeks thnks

  • BikingGringo 2 лют. 2013

    Nice, I want to try it. Can you bike It?

You can or this trail