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біля Dixie, Indiana (United States)

-Cached water and food for 2nd day by hanging a "bear" bag stand of trees behind the Old Forest Rd trail head parking area.
-Hiked trail counter-clockwise, beginning and ending at Cold Friday Rd parking area.

(10/6/17) Weather: 84*/62*, Mostly Cloudy, 41% humidity in the afternoon.
Cold Friday Rd to Old Forest Rd. - started hiking at 11AM.
- Hiked 9 miles
- Tent camped in the woods near Old Forest Rd.
- Started trail with 5.5 liters of water / 29 lb carried weight

(10/7/17) Weather: 83*/65*, 70% humidity in the afternoon, late afternoon rain and overnight thunderstorm
- Hiked 12.7 miles
- Stayed in Lloyd's Cabin (Ohio River Overlook) with 4 other hikers. We were all glad a rock solid, dry cabin during the heavy rain and thunderstorm overnight.
- Left camp with 4.5 liters of water / 26.5 lb carried weight (estimated)
-Resupplied with 3.5 liters of water at state park horse campground at approx. 9.5 trail miles from Old Forest Rd.

(10/8/17) Weather: 62* when finished trail at 10AM, with intermittent light rain
- Hiked 2.6 miles
- Left camp with 1.5 liters of water / 19 lb carried weight (estimated)

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Cold Friday Rd Parking

Parking just past the Cold Friday Rd Trail crossing. (Began hike here.)

Homestead Foundation

Old weathered bldg foundation

Chimney Shelter

8'x10' shelter, large open area for tents, 6 picnic tables. Easily a large enough clearing for most scout troops to overnight.

Dry streambed

Another dry streambed trail crossing between Chimney and Indian Creek shelters

Logging trail crosses logging area


Old horse trail shed

Not Indian Creek shelter - don't let it fool you.

Indian Creek shelter

Nice 8x10' shelter, not much in the way of tent space.

Boulder overlooking Indian Creek


Unofficial Hammock campsite

Looked good for hammocks, would be ok for tents in a pinch. No areas that are quite level. 7.7 miles from Cold Friday Rd.

A switchback!!!

8.58 miles from Cold Friday Road trail access and 2200 ft of total climbing later there is actually a switch back in the trail.

Dry streambed north of Old Forest Rd.


Numerous trees marked for logging in this area of the trail.

Thanks Gov. Pence

Hwy 462 trail crossing & parking area

Looks to be a popular starting point.

Trail junction

AHT junction to shelter near Blue River Chapel & 462 on Park map. Main loop is south and west on sign. The trail to the north heads to the Old Barn Shelter / Disabled Hunter trail access area.

Larger stream crossing

AHT and horse trail run parallel in this area and both cross streambed here.

Fox Hollow Rd

Trail crosses gravel rd

Primitive Campsite Entrance North

Lunch spot where AHT cross the red blaze horse trail. North Entrance to the primitive tent site area.

Primitive Campsite Entrance South

2nd picnic table by the AHT, at the south end of the primitive campsite area.

Trail follows streambed

AHT comes to a large streambed. If hiking trail counter clockwise take a left on the streambed for about 100ft and trail picks back up on the right.

Trail split.

After sharing trail with orange horse blaze for a bit the AHT heads down in the direction of the Blue River. This turn isn't on the post and could be easily missed.

Iron Bridge

Trail does not cross this although some people cache water at the road access on the other side. Clearly cross at your own risk.

Horse Camp water resupply

Hang a left at this trail junction to head into horse camp for water. Check with park office in off season to make sure water is on.

Pioneer Day Shelter


    You can or this trail