16,95 km

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46 m




46 m

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62 m



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16 m

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62 m
16 m
16,95 km

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біля Roydon, England (United Kingdom)

Park near the south end of The Doit, south off the A1066.
See walk 2.2, slightly shorter and avoiding the A143.
Head south out of the car park and left, SE, along Ling Road.
Use tracks across the common if you prefer.
Bear right, SE, along Rectory Road bending right, SW.
Use tracks across the common if you prefer.
Take the footpath, west, opposite the first T-Junction.
This path bends SW and arrives at Wortham, St. Mary the Virgin.
Head west past the church to the road and turn left, south to the crossroads.
Turn right, west, along Magpie Hill for 180 metres, then right, NW, across the open field.
On the far side follow the field perimeter track north for a few paces, then NW. Emerge on Slade Lane.
Turn left, south for 130 metres. Turn right, west through buildings or follow this alternative ...
Continue south for another 110 metres and follow the permissive path, right, west.
This skirts a field and heads right, north, to rejoin the original track. Continue left, west.
Follow the path west through woodland.
Soon after the woodland, turn right, north, and aim for Dashes Farm.
At first, go hedge left. Later cross and continue, hedge right.
At Dashes Farm, turn left, west, along Low Road. The road bends right, north, then left, west again.
After a few houses, right, turn right, north, along a perimeter path leading down the the Waveney.
Cross the river and turn left, west and follow the river for 870 metres.
Cross a bridge and head SE with a tributary stream on the left. This leg can be muddy.
The woodland path bends right, SW, and becomes drier.
Follow this path, west and SW, ignoring side turnings until it bends left, south.
Head roughly south to Fen Street and cross over. Continue roughly south.
The path bends SE, then south again and emerges on Churchway in Redgrave.
Turn right, west, to the village sign.
The Cross Keys, refreshments, is a few paces north of this sign.
Turn left, SE, along the B1113, then left into Half Moon Lane.
Follow the lane to the end where it turns into a footpath heading east, woodland right.
The path bends right and soon left again, still with woodland, right.
Ignore the path, left and ahead at this kink and stay near the woodland.
At the end of the woodland, continue east to join Wash Lane.
Turn right, SE, and follow the lane all the way to Wortham which has a pub, shop and tea-room.
There is an alternative bypassing some of the tarmac.
In Worthan, follow the A143, east for 550 metres.
Turn left, NW, into Marsh Lane and immediately left again, NW, at the Y-junction.
Follow this lane to the end where it becomes a footpath.
Follow the path roughly north, crossing five or six fields, all the way to Millway Lane.
Kink left and right, to head north along Rectory Road.
Rectory Road leads back to Wortham Ling.
Head NW back to The Doit car park.

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Cross Keys, Redgrave


Manor House


TM 097 793, Wortham Ling


TM 08539 77216, Wortham


TM 08872 79793, Wortham Ling


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